35 Photos - Aug 17, 2012
Photo: After the Toronto reunion, Gerald Wan & his lovely wife took a detour to New York CityPhoto: On day 1, after touring Times SquarePhoto: and uptownPhoto: Photo: they took the subwayPhoto: Photo: Photo: to Chinatown, where we metPhoto: there, Carolyn and I took them on a walking tourPhoto: Photo: Photo: Photo: We saw the Umbrella GangPhoto: Photo: the Chess GangPhoto: and the Gang of FourPhoto: We went to Little ItalyPhoto: Photo: Photo: Then we went to TribecaPhoto: known only 10 years ago as the last frontier of ManhattanPhoto: Photo: Photo: Then we met up with Tom Felicia,
the guy from Queer Eyes for the Straight GuyPhoto: Dinner was at Wolfgang. After that, we went to the Ground ZeroPhoto: Photo: Then we settled for drinks and desserts at the Ear Inn, in a house built in 1817.
Here's the Ear Inn at daytime. 
Then it was 1 AM, so we drove them back to the hotel in Queens.
Days 2 & 3, they went to Central Park, Brooklyn Bridge, and saw Mama Mia the Broadway show.
Then it was day 4.
Breakfast was at Big Wing Wong in Chinatown.
Preserved egg and pork congee, Char Siu Cheung, Au Lay So, Har Mike Cheung were among the traditional Hong Kong food being served, just like in the good old days.Photo: We drove out to Pennsylvania, to this Oriental Pagoda, where Ronald Law and I went, in January 2008Photo: Photo: Then we went to this Medeival CastlePhoto: Then we went to the Good Time Saloon,Photo: where East meets WestPhoto: Photo: Then we went to the Old WestPhoto: In between, we went to the Clover Hill & Vyncrest wineries, had lunch at Moselem Springs, and dinner at Fujiyama Mama in New Jersey.
And that concluded Gerald & Kitty's trip to New York, New Jersey & Pennsylvania.
For Gerald and me, it was a mini reunion, after a grand reunion, and it was wonderful.
Both Gerald and I look forward to more reunions like this.
Narrated by Louis Miu
September, 2009