16 Photos - Aug 9, 2012
Photo: On Monday, I got a call in the office from Ronald LawPhoto: He told me that he had just arrived in America, via New York City, to check on his son Arthur:Photo: He said he wanted to meet up with me, so we met at this coffee shopPhoto: After that,  we both went for a haircut herePhoto: ...only to find out later that this place was a lot cheaperPhoto: He bought some vegetables for his son, who cooks at home every nightPhoto: and he bought some fish tooPhoto: After that, we went for lunch at this placePhoto: And then after lunch, he went next door to the Chinese doctor for a check-upPhoto: then we came here for an afternoon snackPhoto: and  we came here tooPhoto: After that, he went to churchPhoto: and then he asked me to take him to a temple, which was 130 miles away, in the city of Reading, in Berks County, Pennsylvania:Photo: after that, he took his son Arthur to a moviePhoto: after the movie, we went drinkingPhoto: and we kept drinking......but no one got drunk. And we all had such a great time.
And then it was 11:30 pm, so we all got into the car, and I drove them home.
And it was 12:30 am when they got home. And I promised Ronald that this trip report will be there when he gets home in HK.