23 Photos - May 29, 2012
Photo: Single handed and flying the spinaker.Photo: View from the porch at Dozier's.Photo: The Commodore and the Commodore'ess.Photo: Sunday brunch.Photo: Bob Strieter and Al Moore doing bar tending Sunday morning.Photo: The bar tenders stayed busy.Photo: Linda Blotter placing a bar order.Photo: Setting up the brunch buffet.Photo: Robert and Noel Priseler out for a ride.Photo: Noel and Robert Priseler out riding around.Photo: Art and Barb Dister giving a ride to Jeanette and Mike.Photo: Ah, the work of the Coast Guard Auxiliary never ends.  Dick Price doing safety inspection of Art Dister's boat.Photo: Dick Price and Art Dister on Art's boat.Photo: Sunset at Dozier's Reggata Point Marina.Photo: Brunch time talking.Photo: Happy hour Sunday evening.Photo: Team one of the Whiffle Ball game.Photo: Team two of the Whiffle Ball Game, they won the game.Photo: Ginger Smith gets the "Bird" and "Purple Heart" award for injuries sustain playing Whiffle Ball.Photo: Fleet Captains, Commodore and spouses.Photo: Catching the early morning outgoing tide headed home.Photo: Jim and Sheila Mica passing us coming into Back Creek.Photo: Bob Strieter passing us going into Back Creek.