137 Photos - Jan 12, 2014
Photo: December 2013 - Rowing practice at the Calgary Canoe ClubPhoto: Photo: January 12 - Barney giving the Oar Stowing 101 lesson to the newbiesPhoto: Barnyard demonstrating the scooter positionPhoto: Photo: Mark and Willy up frontPhoto: Nice day for a row on the bowPhoto: Photo: Captain Rum haulin' ass in the rear of the ice canoePhoto: um.....we had company on the bow?!Photo: Making friends with the fire fighters in their funny looking water craftsPhoto: Photo: Photo: Photo: wardrobe malfunction with some old school make-shift cleatsPhoto: duct tape to the rescuePhoto: Takin`a break to enjoy the view of downtown from the riverPhoto: Photo: Photo: Photo: and thats a wrap!Photo: Photo: How we transport the rigPhoto: Barney getting Lynda up to speedPhoto: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Bush whacking with the canoePhoto: Nice place for a breakPhoto: Photo: Photo: An on lookerPhoto: Photo: Photo: More fansPhoto: Photo: Photo: Photo: And thats a wrap!Photo: Photo: Bad start - I missed my flight. Didn't actually realize I had missed my flight until I got to the airport. I was re-routed through Toronto and had a lovely 8 hour layover...FAIL - I'll never do that againPhoto: had a warm welcoming from the rest of the team upon arrival in Quebec.Photo: Finally made it to PQ!!Photo: Jacques and Jonny getting a ride on the trailer..Photo: Next door to the place where we went to pick up our boat  had a couple horsesPhoto: Photo: Soo our boat from last year was crap. We we busted out the old boat which was in way better shape. The boat guy gutted it and did quite an amazing job refurbishing it.Photo: Photo: Barney gave the boat guy a hat for his hard work - he was so stoked about his new chapeaux!!Photo: Thats one happy cowboyPhoto: At the car wash cleaning off the boatPhoto: Barney explaining to everyone they should never let go of the boatPhoto: Photo: Some wheres...in the middle of the St. lawrence..Photo: You can take the boy out of cowtown but you can't take the cowtown out of the boyPhoto: Back at the Ranch (aka Citadel) for some downtimePhoto: Getting out of the army base takes some precise driving skills - Barney nails it 98% of the timePhoto: Off to Brynd smoke meats for an amazing lunchPhoto: Mmm...lattePhoto: A meal fit for some ice canoersPhoto: The rum rider loading up..Photo: At the decal printing place getting our new decals for the boatPhoto: Photo: Photo: The lovely graphic designer lady showing us some of her portfolioPhoto: At the garage to put the new decals on the boat - this place rocks! Its one of those do-it-yourself places where they rent out tools and give you space to work on your stuffPhoto: Decaling boats take some real thinking..Photo: Photo: Photo: adding some extra features and fine tuning the boatPhoto: Now to wax the boat for time trials...mmm.. what to use??Photo: Photo: Mr McCafe is very happy with the wax job..Photo: Photo: Back on the St. Lawrence for an afternoon of fun on the riverPhoto: t'was a chilly day at low tidePhoto: Photo: Photo: Photo: Jacques not too happy with his frozen peckerPhoto: Those are some awesome decalsPhoto: Meet Mr Perks he's the owner of Jeremy (former calgary ice canoer) and Julie (PQ ice canoer) . Had lotsa laughs with a fun evening with eats at perks' place.Photo: Breakfast - cafeteria style at the mess hallPhoto: Breakfast at the Citadel... mmm chocolate croissants!!Photo: Oooh we spot some competition on the St LawrencePhoto: Photo: Jon and Will waxing the boat for the time trialsPhoto: Bonhomme at the Calgary-Quebec Exchange event at the HiltonPhoto: Calgary City councillor Andre Chabot says a few words before we get up on stage for a few picturesPhoto: Barney and Albert who does sooo much for the Calgary ice canoe team. From organizing vehicles to setting up accommodations. Couldn't do it with out this guy for the past 20+ years..Photo: Photo: Will and his wintercarnival friend..Photo: More waxing before the time trialPhoto: Photo: Boat craziness ensues at the time trials - 48/50 boats show up for the big event to get some proper seeding for the race.Photo: Barnyard stoked for the trialsPhoto: Photo: Photo: Some fast guys given'erPhoto: The away teams - Calgary, France, and Chicago who drove their boat 21 HOURS to compete in the Ice Canoe RacesPhoto: Our boat fixer guy came down to watch the time trials and smile upon his handy workPhoto: Photo: Photo: Some fast chicks showing their stuffPhoto: Barney figures he has an abscess tooth. Alberts daughter Natalie finds Barney some apple cider vinegar to home remedy the infection - it worked!!Photo: Jon is coming down with some kinda bug.. uh ohPhoto: The game plan -Barney goes over some race strategy - lots to consider with he tide, flow, ice, water and windPhoto: Some pics around the army basePhoto: Theres a tank...covered in snowPhoto: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Race day - off to drop the boat off at the race sitePhoto: Turns out Jacques forgot the paddles outside the garage where we were waxing and fine tuning the boat - OOPS - good thing he didn't leave them inside since the garage was close on race dayPhoto: Photo: The changing area at the race sitePhoto: The race site at the basinPhoto: Some hardcore teams doing their warm upPhoto: Post-race smiley facesPhoto: Race photo courtesy of Melanie MurrayPhoto: Race photo courtesy of Melanie MurrayPhoto: Race photo courtesy of Melanie MurrayPhoto: Barney getting some media attentionPhoto: up up and away.. loading the boat out of the basinPhoto: happy ice canoe race finishers. We place 15/27 boats and missed 9th spot by a minute!! Doh. Next year!!!Photo: Some post-race eatsPhoto: Yay breakfast out on our last day in PQPhoto: ooh the language.Photo: awesome Breakfast at Le cochon dinguePhoto: Dropped off our old beater boat to a new home. The carnival people took it. Hope they'll refurbish it and use it in their float for the parade.Photo: he parliament building - very cool the architecture in Quebec is quite stunningPhoto: At Alberts place to drop off some equipment - he showed us his carnival collection and my oh my what a collection he has. This is an old school bottle of '71 whiskey with an image of ice canoers at the carnival on the top of the label and the Calgary stampede on the bottomPhoto: Albert and his collection of Carnival pins and other nick nacksPhoto: Alberts dog strikerPhoto: Wholly snow!! Thats all folks!! Until next year..