25 Photos - Sep 16, 2011
Photo: Photo: Photo: Justice for all with a map of besieged GazaPhoto: "End the occupation! My heart is with Egypt!"Photo: Photo: Beautiful Egyptian flag hanging over the embassyPhoto: Big Egyptian flag over the embassy. I felt excited seeing one up close.Photo: 'A new generation creates a new reality' 'A neighbor, not an enemy'Photo: 'Peace is too precious to lose' 'Add Israel as a friend'Photo: 'A new Middle East, free of conflict' 'A person is a neighbor to another' [a Hebrew expression, saying we're neighbors, not enemies to each other]Photo: 'Peace with all our neighbors is our goal and obligation' 'Peace, neighbor'Photo: The Hebrew says: "You have someone to talk to"Photo: 'A close neighbor is better than a distant brother'Photo: "Midnight train to Cairo isn't just a song title"Photo: 'Peace is too precious for us to lose'Photo: Photo: No one was able to find a Egyptian flag in Tel Aviv, it seems. We all used printed-out versions.Photo: "You're an Egyptian - raise your head to peace"Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: "You have someone to talk to" [A partner in peace]