18 Photos - Dec 26, 2012
Photo: Mississippi river spanned by a bridge in the way they used to make themPhoto: Complete Streets TrainingPhoto: Trainees at a street destined to become 'complete'Photo: The Southerners in the group are most bundled upPhoto: Bicycle wayfinding sign.  Paid for with stimulus $ through Health Dept.Photo: Light rail on the way to Mall of AmericaPhoto: Next to train tracks,  a soon completed project to house the schizophrenicPhoto: Community bike shopPhoto: When hauling one bike isn't enoughPhoto: Challenges of traversing snow covered sidewalksPhoto: Milwaukee Ave Mini Park bike rackPhoto: Mural in front of Desiring God parkingPhoto: World's biggest liquor store...Photo: Separate but equal bike and ped pathsPhoto: Trainees eyeing Mississippi RIverPhoto: Snow outside Siera Club North Star office.  First snow for some attendeesPhoto: 40 years of biking in the snow.  All started in the Twin CitiesPhoto: Biking in the snow scene