39 Photos - Oct 25, 2011
Photo: Below the Dome detail, AR State CapitolPhoto: Not even sharp. This is for context. Small series coming up.

7:15 AM. doors of the Arkansas State Capitol.Photo: Vox Solo

This is ( ). He asked me not to use his name. He slept (perhaps illegally) on the steps of the Arkansas State Capitol (USA) Last night. He will join ( big number?) of folks today around the globe in stepped up MayDay Occupy the World events. But at 7:15 AM (Blank) stands alone.Photo: Just call me "99"

The unnamed man. Portrait Series, part 2 of 4.

May 1, 2012. 7:15ish AM. Sunrise in tow.Photo: Portrait of an Unnamed Man - Part 3

The eyes have it.

Personal note: You don't have to see eye to eye with folks to appreciate that we are fellow travelers.. This guy (who asked that I not use his name), slept on the steps of the Arkansas Capitol Steps last night, to bring in Mayday... I think he is still out there right now.

#portraittuesday curated by +Laura BalcPhoto: Portrait of an unnamed man part 4.

#portraittuesday curated by +Laura Balc 

Portrait, Journalism, or Propaganda? - "99" on the steps of the Arkansas State Capitol USA.

For whatever reasons, this stance kind of reminds me of a painting from the American Revolution of a drum and bugle corp.Photo: Clouds are the dust of His feet

(Nahum 1:3)

Arkansas State Capitol and grounds from a building across the street.  Part of a timelapse series, from 6/19/2012Photo: Columnade, AR State CapitolPhoto: Photo: Photo: Photo: Pinacle of the Arkansas State CapitolPhoto: Better than caffine, by Kirk JordanPhoto: Photo: Photo: See album for detailsPhoto: Parade 

This isn't now, it's the future.

#floralfriday curated by +Tamara PruessnerPhoto: Photo: Photo: Photo: The Cloud Tsunami From last summers epic weird storm (8/11/11), covering the Arkansas State Capitol.

As is, I was looking for a really potent image to go with a really potent song for #welovemusicwednesday . Last week I bought what is simply a ginormus album with spiritual whallop by the Dave Crowder Band. He (or they) are a little too techno-Pop for my everyday listen, but this- their final album - just blows me away.


From the Album "Give us Rest: or, a requiem mass in c - the happiest of keys."

Ps. for those who want to see a timelapse of the same storm, find it here.
http://youtu.be/w6EouhO6E0oPhoto: Organic Material

or Edgar Allen Poe visits the Arkansas State Capitol and this is what he saw.

Camera: GoPro Hero 2Photo: Renaissance Lighting.

Just another beautiful morning in Arkansas.  yesterday that is.Photo: Arkansas Sate Capitol with Japanese MagnoliaPhoto: MoodPhoto: Let's SpinPhoto: Transformer: The interior Dome of the Arkansas State Capitol is in for some major renovation. After some decades between coats, the paint inside the dome and upper areas  is visibly peeling. This scaffolding (from 8/4/2013) will continue to rise till it fills the inner dome and allows workers full access to all parts of the ceiling. Photo: Dream CatcherPhoto: Finished.

For the last two months, few people could see the inner dome of the Arkansas State Capitol.  That's because it was all covered with boards and scaffolding as the interior was patched and repainted.  (You could actually see big sheets of paint peeling off the old version) Though the effect is still very subtle, the redo has the more shades than the old version... but not more shades than the oldest version.  I understand it called for 16 different colors of paint, and a final glaze.Photo: Hmm.  Is it my eyes, or is this looking pixelated?   This started as a Raw File (one of my first, then I turned it to a smaller Jpeg to work with... but something looks wrong.  Hmmm.

ARkansas State Capitol with lights.  Taken before Christmas travel.Photo: Today.  Right now.  (or like 10 minutes ago.) Central Arkansas.Photo: Had a photographic event the other night that took me up a downtown building.  That's the Arkansas State Capitol... where I spend my days.Photo: Making Van Gogh Happy.

Arkansas State Capitol with Sunflower.

today, first day in the last week that we have not been treated to rolling greys or downright drenches.

#arkansas   #arkansasphotography   #sunflower  Photo: Zowie.... Zinnias and the Arkansas State Capitol.

I know you must wonder, why so many pictures of the Capitol?  It just happens to be the place I work, and I make a habit of breathing as much outdoor air as I can before I walk in in the morning.

Photo Buff stuff.  Extra zowie added by way of a second external flash, triggered by the little pop up flash.  Extra light coming in from to the left and slightly behind this flower gives it extra zing.

#arkansas   #arkansasphotography   #zinnia  Photo: Hot off the press. Arkansas State Capitol

Lifted from a time-lapse sequence.  Just pulled the camera in after a couple hours of clicking.  Cannot wait to put this one together.  (though it may yet be weeks. ) Think I may use Ode to Joy for background music, cause these sequences are just kicking joy.

#arkansas   #arkansasphotographer  Photo: On the dangers of sprinklers while doing time lapse photography.

So this last month I have been working on a time-lapse creation, featuring the very colourful garden in front of my work place (The state capitol of Arkansas.)  Maybe I shouldn't publish this... but I often leave my camera just clicking away while I am about other things.  I knew a storm was on the horizon and hoped to get swirly dark clouds over the flower tops.... But I never counted on the sprinkler system.    All in all, look like my Nikon D-300  was out in the sprinklers about 20 minutes.  .... and, after a little airing out, is doing just fine.   As for the sequence.  Trippy.  I love it.Photo: Just another trippy flower pic....

#arkansas   #arkansasphotographer  Photo: Descent of the Mother Ship...
Bird of Phoenix in the round.

This unusual view of the roof of the Legislative Chamber in the ARkansas State Capitol will only be possible for a short time.  The "floor" show here, is the ceiling of a scaffold-platform, erected to make repairs on the dome.  The Stained glass has already been removed.  Curtains, shown here came down soon after.  This is frame 1 of a time lapse sequence.

+Arkansas - The Natural State  #arkansas  Photo: Like it or not... you are being prayed for.

Not sure who this guy is, or what is moving through his  heart, but it appears that he is pleading with the Almighty for the state of the world. I see this guy  once a week or so when I come to work at the Arkansas State Capitol.   He is there with the rising of the sun.

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