24 Photos - Aug 11, 2014
Photo: A distinctive bunch.Photo: A house of stars!Photo: All the ladies want him.Photo: Some have more refined tastes.Photo: Striking suitors.Photo: A pleasant pairing.Photo: Time to start the party.Photo: The Fun-Seeker.Photo: The Disco Diva.Photo: The Claw.Photo: The Millionaire Mistress.Photo: The Salsa-ista.Photo: The Handsome Professor.Photo: The party boat captain plans a booze cruise.Photo: Surprise guests are welcome.Photo: Things get crazy...Photo: …with this super guest!Photo: The party begins to settle in.Photo: Never too much.Photo: …well maybe a bit too much...Photo: Yup! Too much!Photo: Sleep it off.Photo: And be proud.Photo: It's a wedding to remember!