107 Photos - Nov 13, 2012
Photo: Ring designed and made by Bill Howard, goldsmith and owner of The Howard Academy (and Rich Yaeger)Photo: Christmas card??Photo: Our first date...Avatar.Photo: Ride the drivePhoto: How we do the Highway 18 Drive-in theaterPhoto: It starts with a photoPhoto: Then...an idea...Photo: Then action!!Photo: And relief when all is wellPhoto: Reflections of a farm picnicPhoto: It's fun to be....Photo: All by ourselfsPhoto: Canoe in Lake WingraPhoto: A nap after walking the farm trails.Photo: Camping on the farm trailsPhoto: On the roadPhoto: Somewhere, just off, Route 66Photo: nuff saidPhoto: Big holePhoto: Charelston, SCPhoto: St. Pat's DayPhoto: Richardson farm mazePhoto: In the BeastyPhoto: Photo: Photo: Photo: No, we don't know them, but I want to BE them... eventually!Photo: Ring size ers (bad)Photo: Lisa, 
        will youPhoto: marry me ?Photo: Locking it up (litteraly and figuratively)Photo: Photo: Pop!Photo: Bill Howard's design for engagement ring.Photo: From the taxi.Photo: Gate to ....Photo: Big wheelPhoto: Ask her "what's that thing in your left hand?"Photo: Doom?Photo: No idea whatsoever :)Photo: waiting for the TOP, so I could POP!Photo: Reading the proposal!Photo: The bar we went to, to settle down :) (which she still needed after walking from Navy Pier to the Plamer House hotel)Photo: Learning the KindlePhoto: Frying Morrel mushroomsPhoto: This look is usually for me. Genetics..Photo: Cousin Barbara!!Photo: A different time, a Madison family.Photo: Barb & Peters gardenPhoto: Kara & Lisa meetPhoto: Meat-a-Rama!!!Photo: Sisters?Photo: Real, young, YAEGERsPhoto: Peter and his critters (some of 'em)Photo: The Peanut Gallery !!Photo: STS-130 Endeavour, iPhone picPhoto: A duck out of waterPhoto: Car Shoot camping on Jaws's farmPhoto: Jumpin' Jacks diner. Scotia, NYPhoto: Concerts on the SquarePhoto: Kingston; the soothing, robot HampsterPhoto: Picnic on the farm.Photo: Peanut Gallery anual picnicPhoto: All by ourselfs.Photo: special eyesPhoto: Making an ice cream messPhoto: Little 500Photo: Hay ridePhoto: The wonderful Howard Academy. Home of Bill Howard, goldsmith.Photo: I didn't win :(Photo: Look number #156Photo: So pretty!Photo: Huge trust.Photo: Sunshine!Photo: ExploringPhoto: Pizza on the deck, after avoiding speeding ticket.Photo: Wishes.Photo: My shoes.Photo: My LovePhoto: Witt gathering.Photo: It's a Beasty Birthday ( 25 May )Photo: Ambition diner in Schenectady, NYPhoto: Whooo whoo!!Photo: Us (look number #116)Photo: Yum, just made it to Bratfest after driving from New YorkVideo: My girl shooting my Tommy gun, how lucky am IPhoto: ZigZag Alley in Charleston, SCPhoto: Living room campingPhoto: cooking grilled cheese for the PeanutsPhoto: MmmmmmmPhoto: Dad being a role modelPhoto: Kids like mePhoto: Gettin' in is easy.Photo: they really like mePhoto: and so easily captivatedPhoto: In Linton IndianaPhoto: Doin'  it old schoolPhoto: Uh ohPhoto: Oh no....Photo: crud!Photo: Easter eggs!Photo: Little table...Orange teethPhoto: I found somethingPhoto: It's a YertlePhoto: I should've taken the hintPhoto: The chipmonk innPhoto: CREACream Puffs!!!