16 Photos - Feb 12, 2012
Photo: Winner - most reflective down tubePhoto: Kitty is ready to roll!Photo: Mike trying to get it togetherPhoto: Jason back in action and ready to do some damagePhoto: Tom is running in stealth mode todayPhoto: All eyes (& ears) on Rob for the pre-ride talkPhoto: And they're off!Photo: 150+ riders today!Photo: Gino was handing out SFR Walz capsPhoto: The last few riders head outPhoto: Genuine propellorheadPhoto: Todd was at the start but decided not to ride todayPhoto: Steve shows of the new HunqapillarPhoto: Phil signs in latePhoto: Phil heads out with Richard, who had just finished repairing a blowoutPhoto: The GGB catches a little sun near the Sausalito side