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Photo: Photo: Photo: Tom Cruise Busted (at last) amid 1 Billion Missing From Paramount Pictures

Amid Brad Pitt's World War Z hitting the 1 billion mark at the box office, Tom Cruise apparently also is facing a 1 billion dollars due for payment bill in connection with Paramount Pictures.

Confirmed by RadarOnline and Daily Mail newspapers, 1 billion dollars is being sought in a massive legal undertaking brought against the troubled actor. RadarOnline reported screenwriter Timothy Patrick McLanahan raised issue regarding two different scripts. Recently divorced, Tom Cruise imminent lawsuit and court hearing alleged that Cruise plagiarized a series of Mission Impossible films. The scriptwriter of Ghost Protocol is the first to launch a legal lawsuit seeking record  sums of money for the professional insult.

In 2012, Cruise self-appoint himself to several Paramount Picture's seeking Elite One Films film projects and merely changing the titles, Starring in released films intended for Gossip Girl star Chace Crawford, Brad Pitt and Bradley Cooper. Cruise's efforts saw several flicks were released directly onto dvd. Other discrepancies pertaining to the film's taking at the box office could see Cruise owing even more. Seven weeks into the release of Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol. box offices tallied at $27 million but within another nine weeks later the film tallies would alleged at $685 million take at the box office.

Cruise nor Cruise's returned calls to MailOnline in spite facing yet another lawsuit, Cruise was last see making a public appearance on December 3 at Ben Stiller's hand and foot print ceremony in Hollywood..

'In 1998 I had written a screenplay called Head On,' he wrote in legal documents obtained by Radar

'After submitting it to the U.S. Copyright Office, Head On received a copyright certificate protecting its material and author from unauthorized use.'
The writer then detailed the trail of hands the script went through, starting with William Morris Agency, which sent it to CAA, where Tom is a client.

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