69 Photos - May 7, 2013
Photo: Flying from Manston Airport Kent to the Hamburg 2013 Kirchentag via Amsterdam.Photo: Amsterdam Schipol Airport has many attractionsPhoto: Photo: Photo: The parks around Hamburg offer Kirchentagers attractions and activities.Photo: Photo: Photo: A water display to music in Hamburg's "Planten un Blomen".park.Photo: Photo: But not far away we are reminded of others less fortunate or who choose a different lifestyle.Photo: The entrance to the vast Exhibition Halls where much of the Kirchentag took placePhoto: The theme of this Kirchentag was "As much as you need" (Exodus 16:18)Photo: Participants gather in the Fish market for one of the several opening services.Photo: Photo: Photo: Large Screens were provided for those who could not get near the PodiumsPhoto: Hamburg's ShipyardPhoto: Evensong was sung in English at St. Jacob's Church....Photo: ...by the local Bach choir.Photo: There were many exhibits in the Ecumenical HallPhoto: Just one of several Exhibition Halls offering "A Market of Possibilities"Photo: German Churches in the UKPhoto: German Churches in the UKPhoto: A poster listing the German protestant congregations in Britain.Photo: The Anglicans in Germany shared a stand with our Old Catholic Church friends.Photo: Photo: Diocese in Europe Diocesan Secretary, the Archdeacon of Germany and Northern Europe and a local Anglican Church member.Photo: Photo: The balloons attracted lots of attentionPhoto: The Area Dean for Germany explains what Anglicans are.Photo: Photo: Many enjoyed a Bible Study involving music and movementPhoto: Some of us were very disappointed not to be able to get in to our chosen venuePhoto: But there are many outdoor events and concertsPhoto: Photo: Photo: Photo: One of the great features of Kirchentag is the many brass bands who offer impromptu recitalsPhoto: Photo: One of the various options of getting around Hamburg.  The city transport system coped well with all the extra 130,000 visitorsPhoto: One of Hamburg's landmarks - the MichaelkirchePhoto: The "Michel" is visible from almost everywherePhoto: A slight difference in fashionPhoto: Environmental Issues were exploredPhoto: Frustration!Photo: The Anglican Chaplain in Hamburg welcomes participants to Evensong sung .....Photo: in a church full to capacityPhoto: Photo: sung in German by a children's choir from RostockPhoto: English style bell ringing is demonstrated in the MarketPhoto: There are many partnerships between British and German churchesPhoto: Photo: Photo: More musical attractions on offer - indoors...Photo: ...and out.Photo: "You say that I am". Aspects of the life of Dietrich Bonhoeffer are introduced by Professor Dr. Rudolf von Thadden and Bishop Heinrich Bedford StrohmPhoto: Photo: Another outdoor concert!Photo: attracting Kirchentagers to events all over the cityPhoto: Including a vocal enchantment from Northern SwedenPhoto: Inside the Michaelkirche, hundreds listen to a talk by ....Photo: Dr. Eva Illouz a sociologist from Jerusalem on the theme "Single, Partnership, Family?"Photo: Photo: Not only was child care offered but activities fro young people.Photo: Photo: Drumming, singing, whistling and listening in a Review of Bach's music.Photo: A celebration of the Meissen Agreement between the Church of England and the German Protestant Churches was held in the Anglican Church.Photo: Photo: Bishop Friedrich Weber of Wolfenbuettel preached and Bishop Nick Baines of Bradford celebrated