28 Photos - May 7, 2015
Photo: Fog and Boats at Cape Neddick, ME 12x16" oil, $450Photo: Photo: Connecticut River, West Branch, 11x15" oil on paper, $300Photo: Autumn Boathouses, 11x14: oil, $375Photo: Penobscot Bay from Upper Bluff Rd. (Norrthport, ME), 14x22" oil, $800Photo: Weskeag Marsh(Thomaston, ME), 12x 20" oil, $500Photo: Photo: Beach Umbrellas, 9x12" acrylic, $300Photo: Lupines on Penobscot Bay, 14x20" oil, $600Photo: Summer Storm Approaching, 11x14"oil, $375Photo: Red's Place, 12x16" oil, $450Photo: Reading at the Beach, 9x12" acrylic, $300Photo: Steamed Dogs (Old Orchard Beach, ME) 16x20" oil, $700Photo: Rhody and Lupine, 11x14" oil, $375Photo: Tulips, 11x15", oil on paper, $300Photo: Tulips in Vase, 12x12" acrylic, $325Photo: Along Dutch Hollow Brook, 8x10" oil, $250Photo: African Violet, 10x8" oil, $250Photo: Belfast (ME) in Winter, 16x20" oil, $700Photo: William St. #1 (Auburn, NY), 24x30" oil, $1200Photo: William St. #2 (Auburn, NY), 24x30" oil, $1200Photo: Photo: Dafodil Study, 12x12" oil, $300Photo: Hills Near Medina, TXPhoto: Owasco Shoreline Spring, Auburn, NYPhoto: Spring View, Skaneateles (NY) Conservation Area, 10x16"oil, $375Photo: Pecan Slice with Birch Shadows, 11x15" oil on paper, $300Photo: