55 Photos - Feb 19, 2013
Photo: lots of lots of very very tall trees for a really really really long time....Photo: Photo: bunch of goatsPhoto: thank god, lunch break!Photo: lunch breakPhoto: lets get going, people!Photo: come on! lets go! i want some views!!Photo: Photo: look at me, all by myself, my fearless self. first half of the trail was very boring. this is my back saying "ugh, i am bored"Photo: ooooo, finally, some view...ew...ew...Photo: Photo: Photo: some rocksPhoto: Photo: sun was very high. very bright. very warm. makes me feel very safe.Photo: ridging along the ridgePhoto: Photo: picture time!Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: sun! sun! sun!!!!Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: cousins of goatsPhoto: Photo: naked treePhoto: more naked treesPhoto: naked trees tangled with each otherPhoto: break time with naked treesPhoto: Photo: moss mossPhoto: moss eating trees. symbiosis life, they say.Photo: Photo: Photo: u forgot about milkshake and icecream, dudePhoto: mr. presidentPhoto: i would be very turned on if i were a rock-climber but im not, so lets move on.Photo: Photo: Photo: look at these goats, same pace! fast pace!Photo: a bird!Photo: finally, some waterPhoto: Photo: - "what is it, joyce?"
- "um..I think it is our legs dying, irene. lol"Photo: we are almost there!Photo: There! Da Castle Rock!Photo: ok, check. lets get outta herePhoto: heading back. endless downhill covered by lifeless leaves. this is what i saw, and....Photo: this is how i felt...Photo: and it got worse and worse....had to keep telling everyone "only another mile to go" to keep myself motivatedPhoto: ...aaaaand we are back to civilization! Name: 2/16/2013 09:21 
Activity type: Hiking 
Description: Sanborn Skyline Park to Castle Rock State Park 
Total distance: 28.82 km (17.9 mi) 
Total time: 7:40:40 
Moving time: 5:49:30 
Average speed: 3.75 km/h (2.3 mi/h) 
Average moving speed: 4.95 km/h (3.1 mi/h) 
Max speed: 6.56 km/h (4.1 mi/h) 
Average pace: 15.99 min/km (25.7 min/mi) 
Average moving pace: 12.13 min/km (19.5 min/mi) 
Fastest pace: 9.15 min/km (14.7 min/mi) 
Max elevation: 935 m (3069 ft) 
Min elevation: 380 m (1247 ft) 
Elevation gain: 1267 m (4157 ft) 
Max grade: -13 % 
Min grade: -17 % 
Recorded: 2/16/2013 09:21