23 Photos - Jan 3, 2012
Photo: Started off my Walmart shopping trip by bringing back a massive bag filled with a ton of small plastic shopping bags to recyclePhoto: Also had 2 movies and a Wii game to returnPhoto: Started off by stocking up on Honeycrisp applesPhoto: Needed some Chex mix for basketball snacksPhoto: Had to grab my typical midnight snackPhoto: Now I started wondering where to find the Tyson Minis. Here are some chicken stripsPhoto: Yum, I love Anytizers, tooPhoto: Hey, found the Tyson Mini Chicken Sandwiches in the freezers with doors!Photo: I figured for the first try we'd stick with the standard MinisPhoto: Didn't realize how much I was going to get so I had to find a basket!Photo: Thought I might find some other dinner ideas in the frozen foods.Photo: Wasn't sure if my boys would like either of these!Photo: I think next week we'll try the ones with cheese!Photo: Getting ready to check out of Walmart!Photo: Didn't need the minis until school was back in session.Photo: Getting ready to microwave. Need to read the directions first.Photo: Wow, I had no idea how fast they would cook! Perfect for on-the-go]Photo: :45 seconds on one side, the same for the other!Photo: Warming up dinner!Photo: Plain, for my 8yo. Blech!Photo: Photo: Avacado and Miracle Whip for me. Forgot to pick up tomatoes! Darn it!Photo: Doodle seriously digging his quick dinner!