24 Photos - Apr 6, 2008
Photo: 4/1/08 - View from the neighbor's lot across the narrow part of the lake.  Our land is on the other side.Photo: Another view of the bridge, from our side.Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: After a lot of rain.  This is as high as the water will get as it's up to the drain over at he levy.  Need to extend the dock a bit I guess...or build up the land leading to the dock.Photo: I can see it now...lawn chairs...BBQ...a bonfire...beer.Photo: Side view of the lake & land.  Our land is where the trees are and to the right.Photo: View of our land from across the lake.Photo: Another view of the lake and our land from across the lake.Photo: View from the backside of the property.Photo: Photo: The land bridge across the lake, which is where the driveway will be going.  We're going to build the bridge up, add retaining walls on the sides, etc.Photo: 7/1/08 - Long GrassPhoto: Photo: New storage garage that went up on neighbor's property across the lake.Photo: Photo: Photo: 7/1/08 - Lots of long grass.Photo: Photo: Photo: Bridge across narrow end of lakePhoto: Old driveway is being removed.