51 Photos - Aug 5, 2013
Photo: Mary Halverson QuartetPhoto: Mary Halverson g, John Herbert bPhoto: Michel Camillo (p)Photo: Bill Charlap with Anat CohenPhoto: Herbie and Wayne (photo by Claire Laster)Photo: Robert Glasper ExperimentPhoto: Casey Benjamin s, Derrick Hodge bPhoto: Terrence BlanchardPhoto: Terrence BlanchardPhoto: Gregory PorterPhoto: Lew Tabakin w/Peter WashingtonPhoto: Marcus Miller (photo by Claire Laster)Photo: Donny McCaslinPhoto: Donny McCaslin GroupPhoto: Jared Sims leading the URI Big Band. Conducting or doing the Funky MonkeyPhoto: Joshua Redman s, Gregory Hutchinson (d)Photo: Joshua RedmanPhoto: Jon Batiste (photo by Claire Laster)Photo: Jim HallPhoto: Chick Corea and Eddie PalmieriPhoto: Chick Corea and VigilPhoto: Chick Corea and Christian McBridePhoto: Ken and Claire at Newport Jazz FestivalPhoto: David Gilmore's Numerology. Jeff Tain Watts, Miguel Zenon, Christrian McBride, Louis Perdermo, Claudia AcunaPhoto: Ken and Chick Corea (photo by Claire Laster)Photo: Ken and Chick Corea photo by Claire LasterPhoto: Second Beach in NewportPhoto: From the Wildlife RefugePhoto: The Ross MansionPhoto: Photo: Buttered Lobster with Cilantro FlanPhoto: Outside Illustration MuseumPhoto: Photo: Photo: Greg Abate at Aspire in ProvidencePhoto: The Breakers in NewportPhoto: Photo: The BreakersPhoto: Photo: Photo: Photo: The BreakersPhoto: The BreakersPhoto: Photo: 100 year old Weeping BeechPhoto: Inside of weeping beechPhoto: The Elms gardensPhoto: more inside of weeping beechPhoto: Gardens at The ElmsPhoto: Photo: