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Photo: Photo: Ens. Richard "Dick" StrattonPhoto: Photo: Photo: Photo: Dick Stratton gets his wingsPhoto: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Robert PowellPhoto: Photo: Photo: Photo: Chase Field Flight Schedule Board
1943Photo: Chase Field Flight Line 1943Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Richard Brown '67-69 VT 26Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Steve ShankerPhoto: Blue Angels Air Show '67Photo: UH 34JPhoto: Ops Line '69 with appropriated A4 from reserve squadronPhoto: Steve Shanker "Shipping over"Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Blue Angels Air Show '67Photo: Photo: Ummm.....wonder what this was?Photo: Bob Trent & Steve Shanker '67Photo: Inside Ops BuildingPhoto: ChapelPhoto: ChapelPhoto: XO's HousePhoto: Interior XO's housePhoto: GymPhoto: Photo: GYMPhoto: Photo: Mike Melichar Ops Line '68Photo: Promotions in the Ground Training Dept. 1968
Most are Instrument Navigation simulator instructors. That's me, Mark Webb, over the Commanders left shoulderPhoto: Miller Dining HallPhoto: Photo: EM PoolPhoto: Photo: Steve Shanker '67Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Bill Duryea '68Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Tail Rotor UH 2B SeaspritePhoto: Photo: AdministrationPhoto: BrigPhoto: Wave BarracksPhoto: XO's HousePhoto: XO's housePhoto: Photo: Old Wooden Barracks
Check out the '62 Vette in the bottom of the picturePhoto: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Jim KimplePhoto: Jim KimplePhoto: Photo: Blue Angels Super Connie
at Chase Field air show '67Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Base housing for married enlisted E4 and below. Someone said it was also known as "Splinterville" When I lived there '67-69 the rent was $30/monthPhoto: Photo: Photo: Photo: Bob Berry & New BridePhoto: Bob BerryPhoto: Photo: Photo: Ground Training Department Promotional Ceremony - 
Mark Webb, 2nd from right 
1968Photo: Photo: Photo: Bob Rifenburg - Sand Crab - Stations WeaponsPhoto: Lou Louis - Sand Crap - Station WeaponsPhoto: A01 EbertPhoto: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Armando Musquez, AECS 
Retirement Ceremony July 1992 
Last station Senior ChiefPhoto: Rich Rotzman & Paul "Pete" LincolnPhoto: VT 26 "Animals" storm beach at Padre IslandPhoto: VT 26 "Animals" invade Padre Island, TXPhoto: George Patros's Birthday PartyPhoto: Weapons Division
James Russell , front row, second from the left
'84-86Photo: Operations '59Photo: Beeville Court House
F-9 on display
Picture taken in the mid '60'sPhoto: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: William "Bill" Griffin 
'67-69 VT 26Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Crash crewman Bill Griffin '68Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: F-9's with speed brakes extendedPhoto: Ed Gehrke '69 VT 26Photo: Photo: VT 24 '84Photo: Submitted by Malcolm Steck '69-70 Pilot for the Sikorsky CH34 "Seahorse" and the Kaman SH-2B. Malcom was also the Aircraft Commander for Chase's C-47Photo: Photo: Photo: Since Malcolms days at Chase he's "Downsized" a bit.Photo: LTJG Malcom Steck '69-70 SAR Sikorsky & C-47 PilotPhoto: Malcolm Steck - Helo Pilot & PalsPhoto: Photo: Malcolm Steck practices with SAR members on how to "hang in there"Photo: Photo: Malcolm Steck today, retired from the Eugene Police Departmen, living in Eugene, OregonPhoto: Steve Shanker, AE-2 '67-70 Operations, prepares to get "hoisted" by Chase SAR Helo pilot Malcolm Steck during SAR training exercise.Photo: C-47 (actually an R4D)  is the Beeville "Queen", Malcolm Steck in the cockpit.Photo: Advancement ceremony in the CO's conference room, 
VT 26 Oct. 15, 1973Photo: Richard D. Hearney - Instructor pilot (Major) in VT 25 went on to become Assistant Commandant of the Marine Corp.Photo: Capt. G.E. Peddicord CO of NAS Chase Field in 1967
Also instrumental in getting the squash court built in the gym.Photo: Two happy wifes in the "family way" at the Chase Field trailer enlisted housing. circa '55-58Photo: 2F23 Link Simulators in the Ground Training Bldg. 
Circa '55-58Photo: Cliff Bosworth & Ted Craft, TD's ('55-58) in the Ground Training Dept. enjoy a couple of cool ones in a hanger at a base "Open House" for the town folks.Photo: Tracey Daniels, TD, instructs students on Instrument Navigation on the 2F23 Link Simulator in the Ground Training Dept. '55-58Photo: May 1958 Cliff Bosworth, TD2 and Billy Brawblett, TD1 check out a circuit in the new F9F-8T Cockpit Proceedures Trainer in the Ground Training Dept.Photo: May 1958 TD2 Cliff Bosworth familiarizes himself with the control panel of the F9F-8T cockpit simulator in the Ground Graining Dept.Photo: Mike Kunda & Bob McGowan Circa 1969Photo: Jim "Grog" Grogitsky AO1 VT 24 '83Photo: Photo: AO1 Grogitsky, Mike Jahns & Louie?Photo: A4 Skyhawk VT 24 '83Photo: Photo: Sean Mckean, Jim Grogitsky & Mike Jahns '83 VT 24Photo: Mike Jahns '83 VT 24Photo: Terry Leahy '83 VT 24Photo: Mike Willow, Sean McKean & Stretch '84 VT 24Photo: VT 24 Promotion Ceremony Jan. 13, '84Photo: Sean McKean VT 24 '83Photo: Sean McKeanPhoto: Terry Leahy, Sean McKean & Glenn WittersPhoto: Sean McKean & Terry LeahyPhoto: VT 24 Hanger Promotion Ceremony Jan 6, '84Photo: Mike Willow, Sean McKean & Glenn Witters on the rightPhoto: Sean "Mac" McKean AO3 & Civilian Tech Rep Mike Willow '84Photo: Chiefs wives take sailors to Mexico Sean McKean on Left '83Photo: Carlos Claverino & Ed VanSuch hanging out in Squadron Barracks Dec '83Photo: Hanging out in VT 24 barracks Dec. '83Photo: EM Pool My guess is circa '60sPhoto: F9's over Chase FieldPhoto: Larry Flowers '67-69 OperationsPhoto: Operations '67-69Photo: Photo: Photo: William Taylor VT 26 '70Photo: F9's on the line Oct. '62 
submitted by Darrell VognildPhoto: More F9's from Darrell VognildPhoto: Ground Training Dept. (TD's) 1968 Softball TeamPhoto: Ground Training Dept. (TD's) 1967 Softball TeamPhoto: Lightening strike near the basePhoto: Jerry Pitkus & Wayne Wessels Grnd Training Dept. TD's '68 In front of the Commissary StorePhoto: K.W. Taylor & Jerry Pitkus TD's '68Photo: Wayne Wessels, TD Ground Training Dept. - '68Photo: Ground Training Building '68Photo: "KC" Cody & Vic Drone TD BBQ '68 WIllie Wheaton, KW Taylor and John, "Charlie" Wyer visible in the background.Photo: Invitation to VT 26 Decommissioning Ceremony
Contributed by Richard Rotzman VT 26 '65-68Photo: Captain G.H. Duffy USN Commanding Officer, NAAS Chase Field. 1958-1959Photo: Commander F.O. Green, USN Executive Officer NAAS Chase FieldPhoto: The following 13 pictures are from the Navy Relief Rodeo souvenir booklet. May 15-16, 1959Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: New Enlisted BarracksPhoto: Photo: Captain G.H. Duffy Base CO 1958-59Photo: Capt. G.H. Duffy, RADM J.C. Clifton, Mayor George Spikes of Beeville and Capt. T.D. Harris at the change of command ceremonies July 15, 1958Photo: Capt. Duffy visits the Cobb RanchPhoto: Photo: Photo: Capt. Duffy at the Navy League cocktail party at the Beeville Country ClubPhoto: Photo: Capt. Duffy speaks to sailors who've just received their GED certificatesPhoto: (L to R) LCDR Bill Oleson, Maint. Officer; LT John Damian; Capt. Stoney Mayock, USMC: CDR Ed Holley, Leader; LT Herb Hunter; LT Bob Rasmussen; LT Jack Dewenter; LT Mark PerraultPhoto: Capt. Duffy presents a check for $5,125 to Ed Diebel, Co-Chairman of the Bee County Untied Fund drive.Photo: Santa arrives at Chase for the annual Christmas partyPhoto: Joseph Purves, age 1 1/2, son of Lawrence Purves, QM1 shows his momentary unhappiness at the Chase Christmas party on Dec 22, 1958Photo: With the main gate in the background, the ghostly sailor warns Chase Field sailors to drive carefully and not be the next sailor to meet their untimely demise.Photo: LT Glenn Kelley has 5 year old daughter pin his wings upon his designation of becoming an aviatorPhoto: CDR Link indicates number of AOCP's with 159 Aircraft aboard.Photo: Sailors from the Photo lab contribute funds to the USS Arizona Memorial fund.Photo: "HOW GOES IT" board is changed by K.L. RIley, YN3 from Training Admin.Photo: Capt. L.J. Draayer, USMC and his assistant, Ben W. Allen AC2, take a ride on a wild bronc, better known as an F9F-8B, in preparation for the Navy Relief Rodeo.Photo: Captain L.J. Draayer, USMC, Rodeo clown and his assistant Ben W. Allen, AC2, taking a ride on a wild bronc (F9F-8B Cougar jet) in preparation for the Navy Relief Rodeo. April 15-16, 1959Photo: Captain L.J. Draayer, USMC, Rodeo clown and his assistant Ben W. Allen, AC2, cpture a pet skunk (?) while preparing for the Navy Relief Rodeo. April 15-16, 1959Photo: Capt. Draayer, USMC, changes his Rodeo clown suit for a flight suit.Photo: LT Col William Crowe, Chase Field Training Officer and CDR Frank Green, Chase Field XO, welcome General Randolph McC Tate upon his arrival at ChasePhoto: General McC Tate and Capt DuffyPhoto: General McC Tate and Capt Duffy exchange information over coffee, on June 5, 1959, with Flight Instructors and StudentsPhoto: LT Col William Crowe, General Randolph McC Pate and Capt.  DuffyPhoto: Photo: New & Old Officers of the Beeville Navy LeaguePhoto: Chase Field's "Piggy Back" guard trailer is hoisted into the bed of a pick-up, ready to go to a crash scene in a moments notice.Photo: At a crash scene the "Piggy Back" guard trailer is opened and ready to provide a cool, bug proof lounge and sleeping quartersPhoto: With a cup of coffee in hand and a comfortable bunk, the crash scene isn't' such bad duty. The screen is a must to combat south Texas Mosquito's and bugs.Photo: No sleeping on the ground for these Chase sailors. The "Piggy Back" trailer angles into the breeze. The men will sleep high and dry at the crash scene.Photo: Capt. G.H. Duffy relieves Captain T.D. Harris as Commanding Officer of NAAS CHase Field on July 15, 1958Photo: Capt. Duffy reads the Navy directive ordering him to take command of NAAS Chase FieldPhoto: RADM J.C. Clifton inspects Chase Field Officers during the annual Admin Inspection June 19, 1959Photo: RADM J.C. Clifton inspects Chase Enlisted personnel during the annual Admin Inspection, June 19, 1959Photo: LT JG C.T. Luke Jr., ATU-203 is congratulated by Capt. Duffy upon completing 5,000 ATU-203 accident free flying hours.Photo: Ensign Jim Lund, assisted by Donald Gray, PR-2, demonstrates a PK-2 Life raft and survival equipment to members of the the South Texas Chamber of Commerce on their tour of Chase Field on April 22, 1959Photo: Capt. G. H. Duffy greets VADM R. Goldthwaite, Chief of Naval Air Training, Pensacola, FL as he arrives for an informal tour of Chase Field.Photo: Executive Officer CDR F.O. Green, presents a Fire Axe to Perry Murphy, AB2, section leader of the outstanding crash crew section for the month of December, 1958Photo: Capt. G. H. Duffy greets VADM R. Goldthwaite, Chief of Naval Air Training, Pensacola, FL as he arrives for an informal tour of Chase Field.Photo: Aerographer's Mate 1st Class R.F. Freeman explains a weather chart to 5th graders of Tyler Elemtary school, while on tour of Chase Field.Photo: A group of visiting Protestant Ministers on tour of Chase FieldPhoto: Visting Protestant Ministers look over F9 emergency proceedures simulator on their tour of Chase Field.Photo: LT. Don Martin receives a Toastmaster trophy from Chase Field Executive Officer, CDR F.O. Green for the best speed of the night.Photo: Capt. Duffy exams the orders of Ensigns Mary Duffy and Patricia Harris. Personnel did a double take because the base was commanded by Capt. T.D. Harris before Capt. Duffy took over in July 1958Photo: Capt. Duffy says, "So you're a Duffy," as he greets Ensign Mary Duffy and Patricia Harris. The 1st women Naval Officers to serve at Chase Field in over 2 years.Photo: Chief Aerologist Robert Devlan explains Navy weather charts to Beeville Cub Scouts from Den 1, Pack 156Photo: Photo: Photo: Beeville Girl Scout Father-Daughter banquet at the Officers galley on March 12, 1959Photo: RADM J.C. Cliftion, Chief of Naval Air Advanced Trainging speaks at the formal opening of the Beeville USOPhoto: Officers Clulb 1958 - Notice the lack of trees and more importantly, no pool yet!Photo: Captains QuartersPhoto: CO Gerald Duffy's new house 1958-1959Photo: Don Lavendar, SH2 shows a fawn that was found on the base to children at Chase Field's nursery. June 24, 1959. Mrs H.H. Engers, supervisor of the Nursery looks on.Photo: Easy does it...Exclaims Charlie Warren as he feeds the fawn that was found on the base. Holding the Fawn is Don Lavendar, SH 2 while N.L. Smith and W.H. Kuffler look on.Photo: Photo: NAAS Chase Field 1958Photo: Aerial view of Beeville with Chase Field in the background 1958Photo: NAAS Chase Field 1958 Basketball team Front row: L-R Manager, Francis Knerr, Peter Zimmerman, James Fleming, Michael Hoff, John Dingwerth, Excel Starwood, Gary Armstrong, William Rollins, Ronald Bount. Second Row: John Consley, Edward McMillan, Maurice Mather, John Donachy, Delbert Walker, Roger Briggs, Ken CHristiansen, Clarence Wilkins, Coach Capt. Robert Schultz, USMCPhoto: Ground Electronics - Winners of the 1958 Chase Field Softball trophyPhoto: Supply - Winners of the 1958 Football TrophyPhoto: Beeville Navy League has lunch at the enlisted galley on Thursday, Dec. 11, 1958Photo: Airman Griff Davies, of New York Mills, NY pins an ID tag on Earl Hunt, owner of Hunt Auto Comany, in conjuncton withh the Beeville Navy League visit to the base on Dec. 11, 1958Photo: Pilot demonstrates escape technique from the cockpit of a plane if goes into the seaPhoto: Virgil Stiller, ENC cuts his promotional cake to E8Photo: W.D. Gallatin, EOCA, left, reports to F.H. Kane, ACC CPO President, what he sees in his coke bottle binoculars.Photo: Sheriff J.L. "Louis" Duffy, Bee County Sheriff and Captain Duffy in pursuit of armed robbers.Photo: Vacum Sweeper for runwaysPhoto: Capt. Duffy presents Fire Ax to outstanding crash crew section for the month of October, 1958 to Perry Murphy AB2Photo: Chase Field graduates and 100 hour pin winners of the Naval relief society's volunteer training program. Names are avialable upon requet.Photo: General Randolph McC. Pate, Commandant of the Marine Corps, steps from his plane upon arrival at Chase Field on June 5, 1959.Photo: H.F. Carey, TDAN, operates a radio navigational panel in the new flight trainer and space simulatorPhoto: J.J. Sailor, TD3 operates GCI control center in the new F3D Flight trainer and space simulatorPhoto: LT B.G. Duke, takes a simulated flight in a F3D-2T2/15V5 operational flight trainer.Photo: F3D-2T2 Operational Flight and Space SimulatorsPhoto: Capt. Duffy, Commanding Officer and CDR Green, Executive Officer of Chase Field, ride in the opening parade in the Navy Relief Rodeo.Photo: Photo: LCDR D.L. Flick presents Beltbuckle awards to particpants in the NAAS Chase Field Navy Relief RodeoPhoto: LTJG Ribble presenting $100,000 to Capt. Duffy To be given out at the Bee County CentennialPhoto: Photo: Chase Park officials: City Engineer, James Hamer, CEC; Chief of Police, Floyd Kane,  ACC;  Mayor Donald Ramsey, AM1; City Clerk, Arthur Davis,  YN1 and Social Director Mrs. R.R. ScottPhoto: Pilot in high altitude flight suit stands next to a Sidewinder misslePhoto: Gilbert & Mary Garza, Chef and waitress at the Chase Field "O" Club, stand by the food they've prepared for the going away party for Capt. G.H. Duffy on July 31, 1959Photo: Capt. Duffy holds his final review of the men of Chase Field before he's relieved as Commanding Officer by CDR F.O. GreenPhoto: D.L. Pieratt, past president of the Beeville Navy League, presents Capt. Duffy with the 1st lifetime membership in the Bee County Chamber of CommercePhoto: Photo: Mrs. G.H. Duffy bids farewell to the Beeville Navy League.Photo: Mr. & Mrs. D. L. Pieratt, Capt. & Mrs. Duffy, along with Mr. & Mrs. Robert Noguerra take a look at the Chamber of Commerce life-time membership.Photo: Looks like this Skipper had a sense of humorPhoto: Capt. G.H. Duffy reads his orders at the change of commands cermonies where he was relieved by CDR F.O. Green as commanding officer.Photo: Open House June '69 A4Photo: Open House '69 T-38Photo: Open House June '69 T-37Photo: Open House June '69 VT 24's CO F-9Photo: Open House June '69 VT 24 HangerPhoto: Open House June '69 VT 24 Flight LinePhoto: Open House June '69 F4Photo: Back of the Base ExchangePhoto: '69 Open House ? AircraftPhoto: '69 Open House A7Photo: '67 Open House Blue Angels F11'sPhoto: '69 Open House A6Photo: An OMIAS Card, for the ride of your life.Photo: VT 25 Safety Check list for non-pilot personnel briefingPhoto: '68 AMD Avionics party at the Chase Field softball parkPhoto: '68 AMD Avionics party at the Chase Field softball parkPhoto: Shelter at the Softball FieldPhoto: The Bud Tap AMD Party '68Photo: '68 AMD Avionics partyPhoto: AMD Barracks '67-70Photo: Dave McKinnon AE2 AMD Avionics '67-70Photo: '69 Open House visitors in VT 24 HangerPhoto: AMD Barracks '69Photo: AMD Barracks 2 '69Photo: Dave McKinnon AMD Barracks '69Photo: Robert Tice - Plane Catpain of the month, June '66 PlaquePhoto: RADM Charles Mason cuts the brithday cake celebrating NAAS Chase Fields 1st birthday on June 1, 1944Photo: AMHC Verle V Bowes '62-64, Instructs  enlisted men on the Hydraulic systems and officers on the ejection seat functions of the F11FPhoto: Tom McMaster, Senior Officer for Chase Field 1945 (7th from right in back row)  The Commanding officer was stationed at and lived in Corpus ChristiPhoto: At the "O" Club, Tom McMaster (Legs crossed, forefront) Senior Officer at Chase Field 1945Photo: Tom McMaster Senior Officer Chase Field 1946 with SBDPhoto: Tom McMaster and Chase Field nurse Helen Gajda doing a little R 'n R in Port Aransas 1946Photo: Christmas Dinner Menu 1965Photo: L to R Jim West, Helen Gajda, Ed Arledge, Val Arledge, Tom McMaster 1946Photo: "Yellow Sheet"Photo: AE 2 Steve Shanker receives a $25 bonus check for making a suggestion the Navy implementedPhoto: On the right, LT. J.W. Walker C-45 PilotPhoto: Chase Field gets a face lift, Jan '69Photo: Chase sailors receive awards from Kaman AircraftPhoto: Operations Departments Advancements April, '68Photo: Operations rating party invite Nov '68Photo: AE 2 Frank Valenza SAR re-ups for sixPhoto: Thanksgiving menu cover page Nov '68Photo: '68 Thanksgiving menu prayer and acknowledgmentsPhoto: '68 Thanksgiving menuPhoto: Aerial view of Chase circa '69Photo: Photo: Looking at the Operations Bldg from the Ground Training Dept parking lot.Photo: Photo: LT.JG John Scales becomes Naval aviator V29249 at Chase on Oct.14, 1969Photo: Pic provided by CDR John Alger  VT 24 '73-79Photo: CDR John Alger, VT 24 '73-79 and LT. Dave "Shrantz" Erickson flying the "Photo Bird"Photo: PHoto Lab 1980Photo: LCDR Ray "Tim" Hubbard Famous for shooting down a MIGPhoto: Thanks to Rich Rotzman VT 26 '65-68 for the great pic.Photo: VT 25 Barracks '69Photo: James McGrane VT 25 Dec '69Photo: Terry Whitaker VT 26 '68-70 and Capt. Arnold Schmidt VT 26 CO  '73-75 & Base CO '81-83 reunite for lunch just recently in their home town of St. Louis, MO.Photo: Capt. Schmidt & Terry Whitaker get together for their second reuinion lunch in St. Louis, MO.Photo: Chase Navigation class Photo Courtesy Don KochiPhoto: Easter Sunrise Services  at Chase FIeld 1944 Photo Courtesy  Don KochiPhoto: Chase Band marching in front of the Admin Bldg. 1944 Photo Courtesy Don KochiPhoto: Easter Services at Chase in 1944 Photo Courtesy Don KochiPhoto: Chase Field Main Gate 1943 Photo Courtesy Don KochiPhoto: Chase Field Band in front of the Admin Bldg. 1943 Photo Courtesy Don KochiPhoto: Circa 1943-44 Photo Courtesy Don KochiPhoto: Marine Guard at the Chase's Main Gate salutes incoming officer. Circa '43-44 Photo Courtesy Don KochiPhoto: Downtown Beeville, Circa '43-44 Notice the Chase Field bus waiting for cadets. Photo Courtesy Don KochiPhoto: Photo Courtesy Don KochiPhoto: Chase Field Waves, Rosemary & KG,  taken in May & June of 1944  Photo Courtesy Don KochiPhoto: At the top, June Jennings, Chase Field Wave May 1944 Photo Courtesy Don KochiPhoto: On the left, Rosemary Myers, Chase Field Wave, May 1944.  Notice the uniform is made from seersucker material. Photo Courtesy Don KochiPhoto: In early 1965, new VT 26 students Frank Johnson (Left) and Jim Williams (Right) have their indoctrination photo taken in front of their F11. Little did Jim Williams know but in about a year he would eject from this very aircraft just before it plowed into an alley in Sinton, TX. Jim say's,  "God preformed a lot of miracles that day not only for me but the town of Sinton!  I've always said that was God's 2x4 to get my attention!" Frank Johnson was not in the plane.Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Jan. 6, 1986  Base CO Captain  E.W. Wingerter, along with Command Master Chief Phillip Sanders greet the then VP George Bush during a hunting trip to the Beeville area. Photo & Info provided by Chief Phillips Wife,  Faye Walker and his daughter Sandra Quintanilla.Photo: Garry & Melba LeachPhoto: Photo: Photo: Pat Welch, VT 26 '60-61 stands in front of the old VT 26 barracksPhoto: Old Chow HallPhoto: Someone parked their P51 at ChasePhoto: Photo: Pat Welch looks over crashed F11Photo: F11's on the linePhoto: Pat Welch now wishing he'd gone to OCSPhoto: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: NEW! VT 26 barracksPhoto: ChapelPhoto: F-11's on the linePhoto: Crashed F11Photo: Pat Welch standing in front of the new VT 26 barracksPhoto: Pat Welch at the EM PoolPhoto: Inside the new VT 26 barracksPhoto: VT 26 enlisted personnel circa 1960Photo: NAS Chase Field Main Gate
Circa 1967Photo: Submitted by AC2 Jim Kemple, '56-58, here are a couple of frames from an 8mm home movie of Chase's original Control tower was that stationed atop what is now the VT24 hangar, before there was a Operations building.
Jim also added, the base call sign was "Beehive" and the TV-2's were "Boxer and "Bulldog" and the F9's were "Bobcat" call signs.Photo: Submitted by Janet Jacobs, born at Chase Field on Oct 10, 1969, above on the right is her father SH2 Martin F. WilliamsPhoto: Front row: LTjg Stan Adams, AGC Chapin  2nd row: AG@ Mike Shelton, AG1 Frank Sims, AG1 Jay Kemple  3rd row: AG2 Dan Barton, Unkown, Unkown. 4th row: AG3 G. Appel, AG3 Wally Wynkoop, AG3 Barry DaltonPhoto: AEAN Paul Lareau, is presented the VT 25, July '78, "Airman of the month" award from VT 25 CO E.G. Redden.Photo: Congratulatory letter from TRA Wing Three Commander, Tom Wimberly, to VT 25 Commnading Officer for job well done in the fund raising campaign for the 1978 Navy Relief Drive.Photo: 17th Commanding Officer VT-25, '77-78 Commander E.G. REdden. Photo by Airman Paul Lareau, '78

CMDR Redden was shot down over Laos, April 3, 1969 while enroute to Pearl Harbor, flying an A6A from the USS Kitty Hawk.Photo: 18th Commanding Officer for VT-25, '79-80 Commander W.R. Alcorn. Photo taken by Airman Paul Lareau, '78

CMDR. Alcorn was shot down Dec. 22. 1965 over North Vietnam and was a POW for a long time.  He had extensive scars all over his back where he was "butchered" by the enemy troops, in an attempt to get information.  Cmdr. Alcorn would have given his life before giving them any information.Photo: Michael Main '69 VT 26 Plane Captain/AE ShopPhoto: Air Traffic Control GCA unit operated by Bob Brown AC2 '68-70Photo: