19 Photos - Nov 15, 2012
Photo: Photo: Found the ipad isle so I could find the cards that work with the app.Photo: Found the Cypher Kids Club Cards with the app accessoriesPhoto: 3 different ones to pick from!  We got them all!Photo: She isn't quite old enough but LOVES them anyways!Photo: We had to make a stop in the baby section.  It was what she begged for from the time we walked in the store.Photo: Checking out the storage because I am trying to get some ideas of Lego storage.Photo: The kids were so excited to get the package open!Photo: The animal cards for tried out first!  Super cool how the cards make the images 3D.Photo: This is what it looks like from her view!Photo: The animals come to life on the page while the app tells all about the animal and what they do.Photo: When you scan the code the animal pops up from the card.Photo: Then you can move it so the picture takes up the screen.Photo: B's turn to use the letter cards!Photo: He LOVES these!Photo: His view of the info about the letters.Photo: The letter cards have robots who help you learn about the letters.Photo: The letter becomes an object that starts with the letter and then you learn about the object and the letter at the same time!Photo: