37 Photos - Mar 7, 2012
Photo: The first time I went to the snow festival was the day before it actually started. Everything was done though, and here the international snow carving teams are getting started.Photo: International competition area.Photo: International competition area.Photo: International competition area.Photo: These smaller ones are made by local citizens. Here's the neko-bus from Totoro.Photo: Can't believe someone made a statue of the little plastic widget you can buy to keep your cup noodle closed.Photo: Glad to see Kapibara-san hasn't been forgotten.Photo: Hokkaido's newest mascot/character - Melonbear! Disturbing!Photo: The relaxed bear. Relaxing.Photo: Ohayousagi from the public service broadcasts they played after the Great Eastern Earthquake.Photo: Curious George.Photo: International competition area.Photo: The big stuff starts here. Toriko vs. One Piece.Photo: That one thing and that one guy from One Piece.Photo: It's a mash-up of Yuu Darvish and Doraemon to say goodbye to the Pitcher as he heads to Texas.Photo: I really liked this one.Photo: Urusei Yatsura. I saw a photo of the creator of this the other day and she looked like such a nice old lady.Photo: Every year there's a castle, this year it was one from Fukushima-ken.Photo: And this year's international connection was India - these dancers were rehearsing in the sub-zero temperatures.Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Probably the best one.Photo: Park Air!Photo: After that we went on the last day to see the stuff lit up at night. Here's that awesome aquarium sculpture being ruined by a pachinko promotion.Photo: GIANT MICKEY WILL CONSUME US ALL!Photo: More promotions, she was talking about curry.Photo: They flew Miss Hawaii over to hula dance in their climate controlled booth. A promo event for air conditioners.Photo: Photo: Taiko!Photo: Photo: Photo: International competition area. This dragon won, I think it was by Hong Kong.Photo: International competition area.Photo: My favourite, from Sweden.Photo: International competition area. Korea.