120 Photos - Oct 3, 2013
Photo: The starting line at the lower end of the Mt. Baldy Ski Lift parking lot, about an hour before the beginning of the 8:00 race.Photo: A water station up the road getting set upPhoto: Looking down toward the ski lift parking lot from the roadPhoto: Looking up the road en route to Baldy NotchPhoto: A peek at The Top of the Notch Restaurant at Baldy NotchPhoto: Baldy Notch (7800')
Water station being set up at Baldy Notch. Elev. 7800'Photo: Heading north up the roadPhoto: Chair Lift Number 4
Vehicles of the search and rescue team members park at the top of chair lift number 4. Elev. 8600’. Mt. Harwood is in the background (9552’)Photo: Search and search and rescue volunteers waiting for the runners to passPhoto: Last Water Station
Another water station ready for the runners, the last water until they get to the summitPhoto: Eric Martin in First Place
Eric Martin 28, of La Jolla, is our first runner. He retained his lead to win the race in 1:07:54. Here the runners transition onto the Devils Backbone section. 8:49 AMPhoto: Jon Clark in Second Place
Jon Clark, 34, of Rancho Santa Margarita is in second place, about four seconds behind the leader. He finished in second at 01:08:22, 27 seconds behind first placePhoto: Beginning the Devils Backbone
Moments later, Jon follows Eric, beginning up the Devils Backbone. Mt. Harwood looms abovePhoto: Brain Johnson in Third Place
Brain Johnson, 36, of Rancho Cucamonga is in third place, about 20 seconds behind second place. He finished in third at 01:10:44Photo: Brain begins the backbone with Eric and Jon up aheadPhoto: The three leaders climbing the backbonePhoto: Thaddeus Reichley in Fourth Place
Thaddeus Reichley, 34, of Los Angeles, starting the backbone in forth place. He will complete the race in forth place at 01:11:07Photo: Michael Chavez in Fifth Place
Michael Chavez, 23, of Fullerton, running on the backbone in fifth place. He will finish in fifth at 01:13:07Photo: David Costanza in Sixth Place
David Costanza, 30, of La Verne running on the backbone in sixth place but will finish in seventh at 01:14:13Photo: Jonathan Toker in Seventh Place
Jonathan Toker, 33, of Newbury Park in seventh on the backbone but will finish in sixth at 01:13:44Photo: Jose Jimenezz in Eight Place
Jose Jimenezz, 38, of South Pasadena in eight place on the backbone but will finish in ninth at 01:16:45Photo: Photo: Photo: Maija Hitchings, First Place Women
Maija Hitchings, 24, of Colorado Spring is the first women along the backbone and will win first place of the women and 32 overall at 01:25:25Photo: Robyn Arnold, 15, of Redlands, is in second place on the backbone and will finish in fifth among the women at 01:30:45Photo: Brigid Freyne, Second Place Women
Brigid Freyne, 37, of Temecula will be the second women to complete the race, 42 overall at 01:28:33Photo: Heading up the Devils Backbone toward Mt. HarwoodPhoto: Mireya Vargus will finish third among the women
Mireya Vargus, 24, of Pasadena will finish third among the women, 46 overall at 01:19:45Photo: Photo: Hazel Bildao, 37, of Pasadena (behind the man in the red shirt), will finish fourth among the women, 40 overall at 01:30:36Photo: Looking west along the Devils Backbone toward Mt. Harwood (9552’)Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: A search and rescue volunteer stands poised along the backbone ready to lend aid to runners in need. Baldy Notch is on the left while Telegraph Peak is on the skylinePhoto: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Ants along the BackbonePhoto: Looking west at runners traversing the broad south face of Mt. HarwoodPhoto: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: San Antonio Canyon
View south into San Antonio CanyonPhoto: Runner Coming Back
Runners, having finished the race, are heading downPhoto: More runners heading down. Hazel Bilbao (second in line) finished forth among the women. David Quadhamer (197), 33, of San Pedro, finished twelfth overall.Photo: Looking west for our first view of Mt. Baldy summit (10,064')Photo: View west toward Mt. BaldyPhoto: More Runners Returning: Meredith Disney, 30, heading down, finished tenth among the women. Why are they still running?Photo: Looking east from the flank of Mt. Harwood toward Telegraph PeakPhoto: Baldy BowlPhoto: On the south flank of Mt. HarwoodPhoto: Photo: Search and Rescue VolunteersPhoto: September 1, 2008 - Annual Labor Day Run to the Top of Mt. Baldy Race. The race started at the lower parking lot at the Mt. Baldy Ski Lifts and covers 8 miles, 3900 feet elevation gain. View Run to the Top website: http://www.run2top.com/.
View my Mt. Baldy web page: http://www.simpsoncity.com/hiking/baldy.htmlPhoto: Photo: Yours truly (on left) with Joseph Munaretto of Los Angeles – a fan of Dan’s Hiking PagesPhoto: Search and Rescue VolunteersPhoto: Approaching Baldy / Harwood SaddlePhoto: 700 Vertical Feet to Go
Baldy / Harwood Saddle (9360’) -- 700 vertical feet to go in 0.6 mile! More search and recue volunteers ready to provide aidPhoto: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: View east toward Mt. HarwoodPhoto: Photo: Getting Closer – Following behind Dawn Bein, 62, of Los Angeles, who will be the last runner to complete the race at 03:43:30, 552nd place. But she is 4th in her division!Photo: Approaching the EndPhoto: Finish LinePhoto: Runners linger on top - Precious water, which was dropped off by helicopter the day before, is now being dumped. I topped off my water supply.Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Yours truly, Dan Simpson, atop of Mt. Baldy (10,064’) poising for the traditional summit shotPhoto: 1:20 PM - Begin my descent. The crowds are gone and on my return trip I feel hauntingly alonePhoto: View to Mt. Harwood (9552’), my next destinationPhoto: Approaching the Baldy/Harwood Saddle (9360'). I shall continue up that broad ridge to Mt. Harwood.Photo: EarthScope GPS monitoring station (www.earthscope.org) near the summit of Mt. HarwoodPhoto: EarthScope GPS monitoring station (www.earthscope.org) near the summit of Mt. HarwoodPhoto: On top of Mt. Harwood summit (9553’) looking east. I will continue to that far edge where there is a great view down to the Devils Backbone. I will then hike down through those tree to pick up the main trail back.Photo: Looking east from the eastern edge of Mt. Harwood toward the Devils BackbonePhoto: Looking toward San Antonio Canyon as I descend southwest from the eastern edge of Mt. Harwood toward the main trailPhoto: Looking toward San Antonio Canyon as I descend southwest from the eastern edge of Mt. Harwood toward the main trailPhoto: Along the Devils Backbone. It’s eerily quite in contrast to the scene of more than 500 runners pounding its tread this morningPhoto: View east toward the beginning of the Devils BackbonePhoto: Off the backbone and arrive at chair lift tower number four (8600’). Everyone is gonePhoto: I begin my descent down the Turkey Shoot ski runPhoto: Continuing down the Turkey Shoot (at the point at which it intersects the road) looking toward Baldy NotchPhoto: Photo: Approaching Baldy Notch (7800’)Photo: Patio at The Top of the Notch RestaurantPhoto: View northwest from The Top of the Notch Restaurant back toward Mt. Harwood, 1700 feet abovePhoto: Notch visitors taking the easy way down. I was tempted to but decided to make the entire round trip on foot.Photo: The road beginning down from Baldy Notch. It winds 3.3 miles to Manker Flats.Photo: Looking back toward The Top of the Notch RestaurantPhoto: Looking down toward the lower terminus of the main chair lift. Notice the tower on the left.Photo: 5:25 PM - Trip’s End - Back to the Ski Lift parking lot (6350’) - After 10 ½ hours from the start, some 11.5 miles of hiking and 3900 feet of elevation gain. A very rewarding day!