23 Photos - Oct 9, 2013
Photo: The Word of GodPhoto: Rev. Akwai presents the Bible to the next generation.Photo: Standing with the pastors of the East Gambella Bethel Synod, EECMY Mission & Theology director, Rev. Yonas Yigezu presents the Bible to the people. (The blue hue is from the blue tarp blocking out the hot sun.)Photo: Rev. Yonas prayers a prayer of dedication, while Rev. Niles Reimer, PCUSA missionary and translator holds open the Word.Photo: All who participated in the three decade work of translation were recognized and thanked.Photo: Michael Weller,mission co-worker and Regional Liaison for the Horn of Africa, accepts a certificate of thanks on behalf of PCUSA.Photo: Certificate of thanks.Photo: They celebrated by singing ...Photo: ... and dancingPhoto: ... and drumming.Photo: The Majangir choir joined the celebration.Photo: Rev. Yonas led the worship service.Photo: We prayed.Photo: Ann Reimer read the story of the translation as written by Marie Lusted (Breezy), who had started the whole project, but was unable to attend for health reasons.Photo: The Reimers: Nyodier (Ann) and Okwomchor (Niles)Photo: Rev Teferi Berkessa represented the Bethel Synods.Photo: Everyone joined in the celebration.Photo: Young people with newly purchased Bibles.Photo: Moms with small children playing nearby.Photo: Former missionaries were represented: Dr. Dan and Jane Reynolds, Dave Preston - his father, Ron, worked with agriculture, Bob & Jane Strum - Jane's father, Jim Keefer taught Bible and literacy. Jonathan Partee, grandson of the first missionary to the Anywaa, Rev. Don McLure, and his daughter, Elizabeth. Rachel and Michael Weller, current missionaries to Gambella.Photo: A good Anywaa meal followed the celebrations.Photo: This is the longest serving translation team and the group that saw the work completed: Desalegn, Breezy, Niles, Ajulo.Photo: Young adults eager to study the Word in their own language!