30 Photos - Nov 5, 2014
Photo: Photo: Tasty taco bar leftovers for dinner. Note for future: There is never enough guacamole.Photo: What are they going to do now that the wedding is over? They're going to Hawaii!Photo: Our secluded honeymoon yurtPhoto: We got the 16 foot yurt that sleep 6 so we got to spread out.Photo: Photo: Day 1 Started with pizza brunch on the beach. It was fantastic weather.Photo: Photo: You have a lot of space to yourself on Monday. It was relaxing.Photo: We got a private room at well within in Santa Cruz and I don't think I have ever been that relaxed.Photo: Day 2- We journeyed up to the Mt Madonna Center where there is a templePhoto: We felt very  peacefully attonedPhoto: Photo: Photo: I think these are Shiva's cobras.Photo: I'm not sure on this one.Photo: From up there you can see the entire Monterrey bay. It was amazing.Photo: A great view with a mystical purple yoga rainbow.Photo: Back at camp for a cozy fire and champagne.Photo: Day 3- Getting to the horse ranchPhoto: I think he could pull the bandanna look off.Photo: It was Chris' first time riding "a living thing"Photo: They let me go faster in the arena when we got back to the arena.Photo: My beautiful horse was named MaxPhoto: Day 5- Halloween and I have all day to make a costume!Photo: And I had a lot of fun doing it. I made the whole thing around making that tiny hat work.Photo: No, I didn't drive in the skirt.Photo: We went downtown and it was a really good time.Photo: Chris was an after work wizard!Photo: My favorite costume down there.