221 Photos - Aug 7, 2007
Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: entry way medallion in the center, surrounded by 6x6 Turkish tiles  in brick pattern.Photo: Photo: finished hardwood job W/stepsPhoto: finished job.Photo: floorswedo.com QR CODE
to mobile friendly site http://m.floorswedo.comPhoto: tiled entire living space good idea when leaving next to ocean Clearwater, FloridaPhoto: finished vinyl job kitchen dinning room.Photo: hall way opining to two different area and meeting at other side.Photo: 9/16 sold hardwoodPhoto: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: ceramic tile installation in Clearwater ForidaPhoto: Photo: ceramic tile, laminated, hardwood, carpet, glass tile,   stone, porcelain, Vinyl, vinyl tile, v.c.t. linoleum, wood planks, lino, laminated wood floor, cork floor, mexican ceramic tile, turkish italian stone and ceramic tile,Photo: diagonal installation 16X16 ceramic tile.Photo: Marble 12X12 tile starting installation over becker boardPhoto: installation marble tilePhoto: laminated installationPhoto: laminated flooring by Floors We DoPhoto: Photo: under cut fire place for laminate flooring installPhoto: Photo: Photo: Photo: 7" vinyl plank installPhoto: Hallway installer 7" vinyl plankPhoto: 4" laminated planks install.Photo: Photo: hardwood flooring under cut at fireplace, no molding needed.Photo: Hand scraped 5" plank installPhoto: Installed whisper mattingPhoto: Rolling Hardwood over sound barrier.Photo: 3" hardwood flooring install.Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: kitchen counter top back splash center peasePhoto: kitchen counter top back splash  finished  garnet stone counter top.Photo: glass tile 1x1 as back splashPhoto: finished back splash job.Photo: 12x12 marble fire place surroundPhoto: marble tile fireplace.Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Vinyl pre-cut to fit.Photo: rolling vinyl with roller.Photo: vinyl installationPhoto: Photo: stack many boxes of hardwood floors. before installationPhoto: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Outdoor patio floor installation in 12x12 ceramic tile.Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: installer hardwood flooring to steps by FLOORS We DO.Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Brick pattern installation.Photo: Photo: Turkish 12x12 marblePhoto: Photo: Photo: Photo: sand paper finished out door tile.Photo: Photo: Photo: tiled bathroomPhoto: Front entery TiledPhoto: out door job with sand paper finish tilePhoto: shower surroundPhoto: Store showroom tile floorsPhoto: showroom tiled in different patternsPhoto: Tile Blocks for store showroom.Photo: fireplace tiledPhoto: 12x12Tiled wall with wire on wallPhoto: finished tiled wallPhoto: finished tile installation along with hardwood floorsPhoto: large hallway of leaving room installed with hardwoodPhoto: Hardwood flooring installation on 11th floorPhoto: large view of hardwood flooring installationPhoto: Photo: tiled tub surround 16x16'sPhoto: Photo: tub surroundPhoto: tiled shower seat shower surroundPhoto: shower surround tiled with wall tilesPhoto: Photo: Tile laminated flooringPhoto: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Hand scraped hardwood installationPhoto: mold build up around tubPhoto: mold build up around tub seatPhoto: removed old moldy drywall and new green boardPhoto: after repair around tubPhoto: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: 1x1 glass tile installation on wall as backslash granite counter topPhoto: damaged old hardwood not saveable.Photo: gluing down new hardwood over old hardwood floors, above ground. after installing first installed 1/4 plywood to close in gaped old floor  wood floor gaps, going opposite direction with new floor.Photo: finished job. flooring installer dallasPhoto: diagonal hardwood installation over cement floor with poles and islands to go around.Photo: finished job customer and contractor he hired very happyPhoto: installation hardwood around poles and island.Photo: helper JosePhoto: shower wall with diamond design in middle.Photo: Photo: bathroom marble counter top W/ 4" back splash.Photo: installing dark marble on fire place will go over brick on floor.Photo: finished look fireplace surround W/ black marble.Photo: counter top marble W/ brick design Turkish tiles.Photo: 24X24 terrazzo install at back room for studio usePhoto: finished job 24X24 terrazzo installPhoto: 12x12 ceramic tile brick pattern installationPhoto: laminated flooring installation light color.Photo: brick pattern installation in condo kitchen floor.Photo: Pandora store Arlington, tx
Vinyl planks Armstrong install by floorswedo.comPhoto: 3/4 handicapped hardwood installation 
over vinyl as moisture barrier.Photo: prefinished 3/4 hardwood scraped over concert installation.Photo: finished job 5'' 3/4 hardwood planksPhoto: custom patterned tile installationPhoto: Photo: Armstrong vinyl flooring slate pattern installation by floorswedo.comPhoto: Bamboo Morning star  planks install by floorswedo.comPhoto: finished bamboo install ready for island to be set.Photo: area where bamboo joined together without any trimming.Photo: diagonal install v.c.t with green and white sold at Home depot by floorswedo.comPhoto: kitchen and dinning room v.c.t installPhoto: Portriats of people we Love for K.B Polk Vangaurd middle school.Photo: images of faces hand painted by middle school for school project installation by  www.floorswedo.comPhoto: Photo: Photo: Photo: starting hand scrapped 5" random planks installation at a hall 27' long nice and straight.Photo: finished job hand scraped hardwood installation.Photo: leaving room area view lumber liquidators 5" hand scraped hardwood installed. by www.floorswedo.comPhoto: Photo: shower surround installation W/13X13 porcelain with   2 rows of 6" tile installed diagonal trow center.Photo: finished jobPhoto: finished job of shower surround.Photo: tiled around as back splash to tub W Jacuzzi.Photo: 13x13 tile installed diagonalPhoto: outside patio area installed W/14x14 tilePhoto: starting shower surround job.Photo: finished shower surround job W/13x13 porcelainPhoto: entry way medallion in the center, surrounded by 6x6 Turkish tiles  in brick pattern. finished and approved by kitty.Photo: shower surround installation W/ 1x1 12' net and green glass tile border in the center by www.floorswedo.comPhoto: glass tile on bathroom floorPhoto: bathroom counter top W/sea bad rocks and make in Mexico hand made Vessel Designer Sink, customer picked up at there trip.Photo: Photo: 20x20 high gloss porcelain at entery way W/ 1/8 wide grout linePhoto: diamond pattern install 16x16 ceramic tile kitchen. W/ islandPhoto: 16x16 floor decor diagnal tile installationPhoto: commercial bathroom job installation tiled wall& floorPhoto: 20x20 porcelain tile on floor W/ 13x13 diagnal installlation on wallsPhoto: tiles with diamond cuts at edgesPhoto: Photo: Floor decor 18x18 Pompei Mocca tile installation on floor & fire place surroundPhoto: 16x16 outdoor tile W/ metal edging & sandpaper finishPhoto: Bruce flooring from floor one hand scraped under cut fire placePhoto: Photo: Photo: 12x12 marble in shower inclosure material  from  floor and decorPhoto: Photo: Photo: marble bathroom walls shower and tub surroundPhoto: Photo: Photo: counter top installation with 24x24 Porcelain tile.
on wall as back splash 5x5 stonePhoto: Photo: Photo: Photo: https://lh3.googleusercontent.com/-oGsACEsTH3A/UIVluKSlKII/AAAAAAAADMk/XW8-vTX5sT4/w219-h218-n-k/m.floorswedo.com_qrcode.pngPhoto: Saltillo Tiles, Terra Cotta  Mexican tile installation on steps and floorsPhoto: 3'' hardwood engineer install with custom stain to match stair noising flooring by Bruce hardwood floorsPhoto: hand scraped 4" planks installation large roomPhoto: Photo: Bruce E537 engineered oak hardwood floor installed living room and stepsPhoto: Old Glory 3" wide planks OGO321 color wildemess
Value grade from Woodworth wood flooring installed on steps box with on sight made stair noising by http://www.floorswedo.comPhoto: Old Glory 3" wide planks OGO321 color wildemess
Value grade from Woodworth wood flooring installed nail down upstairs office  by http://www.floorswedo.comPhoto: Photo: entry way with medallion install surrounded with 14x14 natural stonePhoto: flooring installation flooring contractor flooring materials flooring tiles ceramic tile ceramic tile counter topPhoto: Photo: LONESEAL WOOD GRAIN VINYL flooring installed in CarMaxx show roomPhoto: DalTile  porcelain tile wood lookPhoto: Photo: onyx sand tile 12x12 piezas caja  porcelain tile marble look installed by Floors We Do, installation over cement floor purchased discount supply store. glass tile, stone, porcelain tilePhoto: