59 Photos - Aug 30, 2013
Photo: King Settathirath Statue VientianePhoto: http://accommodationnear.net/Laos/Vientiane/Lao_Plaza_Hotel_VientianePhoto: Don Chan Palace Hotel Room http://www.accommodationnear.net/Laos/Vientiane/Don_Chan_Palace_VientianePhoto: Landmark Mekong Riverside Hotel VientianePhoto: Thai Embassy VientianePhoto: Mekong Riverfront park with big statue.Photo: Main food markets Vientiane, Laos. http://youtu.be/w__Ok4Ou40wPhoto: Ornate Buddhist statuesPhoto: Presidential Palace, VientianePhoto: VientianePhoto: Pha That LuangPhoto: Ceiling of Patuxay MonumentPhoto: Banana Flower SaladPhoto: Bouchadakham Hotel VientianePhoto: Buddhist StatuesPhoto: Buses to Bangkok from Vientiane bus stationPhoto: Photo: Photo: Coconuts for salePhoto: Hotel in Vientiane with BalconysPhoto: Le National Culture Hall, LaosPhoto: "Don Chan Palace Hotel" Vientiane http://www.accommodationnear.net/Laos/Vientiane/Don_Chan_Palace_VientianePhoto: Golden Dragon HeadsPhoto: French Architecture Building VientianePhoto: Don Chan Palace Hotel Foyer http://www.accommodationnear.net/Laos/Vientiane/Don_Chan_Palace_VientianePhoto: Photo: Photo: Photo: Perth based publisher with daughter at home town of "Si ChiangMai" 400 metres south of Vientiane, Laos.Photo: Photo: Mekong Riverfront HotelPhoto: Isaan girls Vientiane LaosPhoto: Si Chiang Mai Markets, Sri Chiang MaiPhoto: Khua Din Market, VientianePhoto: Edible insects for sale at Vientiane's Khua Din MarketPhoto: Beautiful Lao girl massage.
http://www.accommodationnear.net/Laos/Vientiane/Don_Chan_Palace_VientianePhoto: Sunset over Mekong River with radar tower of Vientiane's Wattay International airport.Photo: Don Chan Palace Hotel has great views of the Mekong River http://www.accommodationnear.net/Laos/Vientiane/Don_Chan_Palace_VientianePhoto: Mixai temple, VientianePhoto: Old and new temples, VientainePhoto: Old temple VientianePhoto: Colourful modern Buddhist temple VientianePhoto: Pathet Lao StatuesPhoto: Vietnamese ladies provide pedicure for my wife. Their first offer 20 bhat but then at the end it turned out to be 100 bhat. Still this equals only about $3.50  They sterilise utensils with alcohol and swab toes with lemon.Photo: Photo: Mekong Riverfront Park with Big StatuePhoto: Settha Palace Hotel. One of the best hotels in Vientiane we visited. http://www.accommodationnear.com/Laos/Vientiane/Settha_Palace_Hotel_VientianePhoto: Our Nong Khai home town of "Si Chiangmai" about 400 metres near Vientiane. In this photo I took from Vientiane, I see Thaksin's petrol (gas, gasoline, benzine) station where we usually fill up.Photo: Si Chiangmai and Vientiane on the south and north banks of the Mekong River.Photo: 500 bhat for whole airconditioned taxi. Taxi driver Friendship Bridge to Vientiane CBD
Phone 66 80 461 6395Photo: Pha That LuangPhoto: That DamPhoto: Cheap Chinese Cars for Sale, VientianePhoto: View of Vientiane SkylinePhoto: Hotel in Vientiane near the Mekong River with good views of the Mekong River. http://www.accommodationnear.net/Laos/Vientiane/Don_Chan_Palace_VientianePhoto: Cheap big hotel rooms in Vientiane with balcony.Photo: Border crossing check point for ASEAN citizens ONLY 3km west of Vientiane.


https://www.google.com/maps/ms?msid=205904056075168876392.0004a6ad2f750822fe102&msa=0&ll=17.970783,102.511711&spn=0.008726,0.016512&iwloc=0004aa825d13d8d6bbc16Photo: Friendly hotel marketing manager of Don Chan Palace Hotel, Mr Nou.
www.hotelmarketingasia.asia is still Google 1st for "hotel marketing asia"Photo: Waterfall Near Vientiane