18 Photos - Feb 19, 2012
Photo: Jorge Garifuna kicked things off with an awesome presentation about how to create cross platform mobile apps with HTML 5 and CSS.Photo: @jgarifuna has captivated the audience.Photo: They all agree!Photo: Some serious hackery going on.Photo: Intense.Photo: Merry Christmas from SendGrid :)Photo: Hacking away in the conference room.Photo: SkunkworksPhoto: Rovi representing and taking us to hack school.Photo: Jorge could not help but to join in on the fun.Photo: Showing off their cross fit app.Photo: Oooh, AaaahPhoto: I can haz cats!Photo: Showing off their Siri/SendGrid hack.Photo: Best SendGrid hack winners!Photo: Say hello to the hackathon winners!Photo: After party!Photo: A great way to end the day! :)