276 Photos - Sep 27, 2010
Photo: Milburn CemeteryPhoto: Fluharty, Homer T. and Opal J.Photo: Fluharty, John Kelly and Sarah S.Photo: Ash, Denzil H. and Deloris P.Photo: Ash, Kevin MichaelPhoto: Ash, Kevin M.Photo: Leek, JerryPhoto: Goodman, Pauline V.Photo: Goodman, Earnest RoyPhoto: Leek, Orange and Opal F.Photo: Milburn CemeteryPhoto: Pittman, Goldie MaplePhoto: Noland, Hattie MaePhoto: Haught, Jesse L. and Della M.Photo: Milburn CemeteryPhoto: Milburn CemeteryPhoto: Milburn CemeteryPhoto: Jackson, Melvin J.Photo: Milburn CemeteryPhoto: Milburn, Infant DaughterPhoto: Postlethwait, Coy and EvalynPhoto: Milburn, Clem C. and Sibyl LeePhoto: Harter, Jack and ZinaPhoto: Haught, Arley A. and Grace G.Photo: Prater, Nelda G.Photo: BurgessPhoto: Burgess, Bonnie B.Photo: Burgess, Jesse LeePhoto: SherwoodPhoto: Sherwood, Mary E.Photo: Sherwood, Clair C.Photo: Feiss, Clyde W. and GertrudePhoto: Snodgrass, Willie C. and Mary G.Photo: Workman, J. Paul Sr. and V. MariePhoto: Brown, Ronnie W. and Vicki S.Photo: Brown, Ronnie WaynePhoto: Headley, Margaret C. “Maggie”Photo: Headley, MargaretPhoto: Cunningham, FrancesPhoto: Long, Allen Francis and Cheryl L.Photo: Long, Allen Francis andCherylPhoto: Burgess, Burl M. and Gladys M.Photo: Haught, Clair I.Photo: Harter, Buss and Belva G.Photo: Leek, Paul A.Photo: Leek, Orval E.Photo: Leek, Jonathan B.Photo: Leek, Goldie M.Photo: Loy, Charles EverettPhoto: Loye, Iva OPhoto: Wayt, Donald M.Photo: Miller, Gary LeePhoto: Miller, Mary EugenaPhoto: Wise, Wellie BPhoto: Miller, Lillie E.Photo: Miller, Asbury and Margaret V.Photo: Miller, MarthaPhoto: Siers, F. Marion and Julia AnnPhoto: Leek, Loyd L. and V. ImogenePhoto: Dulaney, Thurman and Ida O.Photo: Warner, Howard A. and CathaleenPhoto: Warner, Howard APhoto: Lawson, Allen EugenePhoto: Weekley, christopher AndrewPhoto: Weekley, Allen DalePhoto: Sellers, Paul and Dorothy R.Photo: Martin, Terry GlennPhoto: Eastham, James K. and Flossie F.Photo: Eastham, James K. and Flossie F.Photo: Long, James R. “Jim” and Betty C.Photo: Long, James RPhoto: Nolan, Donald G. and Audra L.Photo: Cochran, EugenePhoto: cochran, Vernal E.Photo: Anderson, Carl and Ida D.Photo: Anderson, John P. and Maxine M.Photo: Anderson, Brenda K.Photo: Anderson, John D.Photo: Bates, Karen L. AndersonPhoto: Milburn CemeteryPhoto: Bates, Karen L. AndersonPhoto: Anderson, John W.Photo: Datwyler, Ida M.Photo: Kyle, Ezra S.Photo: Bucher, Susan AnnPhoto: Bishop, Allen LeePhoto: Holman, Richard W. and Doris MaePhoto: Holman, Richard W.Photo: Holman, Doris MaePhoto: Bucher, Martin C. and Bertie A.Photo: Gadd, I. William and Virginia A.Photo: Gadd, Charley and Lucy E.Photo: Fluharty, John W. and Permelia M.Photo: Bowers, Pennie SuePhoto: Post, Pearl F.Photo: Anderson, Daniel W. and Sarah J.Photo: Anderson, K.E.Photo: Anderson, R.L.Photo: Anderson, George D. and PearlPhoto: Milburn CemeteryPhoto: McAllister, J.F. and Sarah E.Photo: Anderson, James M. and Pauline B.Photo: Smith, Benjamin Y. and Martha J.Photo: Smith, Chester H.Photo: Tennant, Mary A.Photo: Price, CharlesPhoto: Price, Lucy A.Photo: Price, John BPhoto: Price, Okey E. and Opal G.Photo: Price, ArdellPhoto: Price, Jo AnnePhoto: Bassett, Mark Wayne - Barbie Evelyn - Mark DanielPhoto: Bassett, Mark WaynePhoto: Bassett, Barbie EvelynPhoto: Bassett, Mark DanielPhoto: Vandyne, GenevievePhoto: Vandyne, GenevievePhoto: Cochran, John P.Photo: Kinneer, William C.Photo: Kinneer, Frances AngelenePhoto: Straight, Bernard C. and Edna D.Photo: Miller, Ransell O.Photo: Miller, Richard D.Photo: Milburn CemeteryPhoto: Miller, Leland E. and Virginia L.Photo: Miller, Richard D. and Mary L.Photo: Miller, Ransell and VirginiaPhoto: Miller, Arthur H.Photo: Miller, ArthurPhoto: Swearenger, AudraPhoto: Miller, Doyle R. and victoria B.Photo: Miller, Doyle R.Photo: Haught, Lori JeanPhoto: Shanholtzer, Kenneth B. and Reva E.Photo: Shanholtzer, Kenneth B.Photo: Price, Lonnie D. and Dorothy M.Photo: Price, Lonnie D.Photo: South, George W.Photo: Miller, LuluPhoto: Miller, George W.Photo: Miller, Dorsey B.Photo: Keck, Infant of C and SEPhoto: Keck, GeorgePhoto: Keck, Sarah E.Photo: Davis, Harold and VirginiaPhoto: Wilson, GertrudePhoto: Crane, Ezra S.Photo: Crane, Josiah F.Photo: Crane, EllaPhoto: Milburn CemeteryPhoto: Miller, LucindaPhoto: Miller, LisyPhoto: Wilcox, Forrest O.Photo: Fox, TIDPhoto: Jackson, Vercha L.Photo: Headley, T.J.Photo: Headley, Mary APhoto: Feiss, LottiePhoto: Feiss, BenniePhoto: Feiss, FrederickPhoto: Milburn CemeteryPhoto: Feiss, RosellaPhoto: Feiss, RosellaPhoto: Stackpole, Patrick H. and Vergie M.Photo: King, Levi G.Photo: King, WilliamPhoto: Fox, JosephPhoto: Fox, George LPhoto: King, David F.Photo: Milburn CemeteryPhoto: Merritt, Mary D.Photo: SusannaPhoto: Fox, John W.Photo: Straight, GeorgePhoto: Streight, James W.Photo: Streight, Lucinda F.Photo: Streight, Lucinda F.Photo: Milburn CemeteryPhoto: Milburn CemeteryPhoto: Colegrove, TheronPhoto: Mercer. S.L. ColegrovePhoto: Kidder, Rachel A.Photo: Kidder, Rachel A.Photo: Miller, Bertie  w/o J.U. MillerPhoto: Miller, Mary E.Photo: MacLean, John HPhoto: Malsed, James A.Photo: Malsed, AmandaPhoto: Malsed, WilliamPhoto: Miller, RebeccaPhoto: Miller, JacobPhoto: Miller, Jacob and RebeccaPhoto: King, MargaretPhoto: Victor, Canna and Loyd JessiePhoto: Jefferies, E.A.Photo: Milburn, H. HowardPhoto: Milburn, Oliver W. and Martha E.Photo: Milburn, Uriah and EmalinePhoto: Britton, Martha J.Photo: Malsed, Andrew J.Photo: Alley, ElijahPhoto: Milburn, Amos G.Photo: Milburn, Amanda AnnPhoto: Milburn, WilliamPhoto: Milburn, RachelPhoto: Milburn, HannahPhoto: Milburn, JohnPhoto: Milburn, JohnPhoto: Headlee, Hazel E.Photo: Headlee, Ida E.Photo: Higgins, Minnie M.Photo: HigginsPhoto: Higgins, John L.Photo: Higgins, Mary JPhoto: Higgins, Jacob E.Photo: Higgins, IvaPhoto: Higgins, Albert F.Photo: Higgins, Flora A.Photo: Tucker, Martha E.Photo: Gordon, Roxie E.Photo: Workman, J. William and JenniePhoto: Workman, PearlPhoto: Workman, AmosPhoto: Workman, ThurmanPhoto: Winland, Herbert and MartinPhoto: Winland, W. Henry and OellaPhoto: Photo: Gadd, DaughterPhoto: Gadd, Harry LeePhoto: Gadd, Wife of I.W. GaddPhoto: Gadd, John W.Photo: Gadd, DaughterPhoto: Gadd, OciePhoto: Gadd, S.H.Photo: Cochran, Forrest I.Photo: Cochran, Forest I.Photo: Milburn CemeteryPhoto: Cochran, EunicePhoto: Cochran, A.L.Photo: Cochran, WilliamPhoto: Cochran, Leslie WarrenPhoto: Cochran, Ida A.Photo: Cochran, OliverPhoto: Cochran, LawrencePhoto: Kile, Ezra S.Photo: Miner, Elmer E.Photo: Miner, ClaraPhoto: Miner, Olive I.Photo: Miner, Opal G.Photo: Hawkins, Clyde L.Photo: Garrison, Silas E. and Mary M.Photo: Forrester, Edgar AlbertPhoto: Furbee, A.m - Furbee, N.C. - Furbee, O. F.Photo: Furbee, Oakey LesterPhoto: Milburn CemeteryPhoto: Shreve, Christopher L.Photo: Winland, Laura Jane GaddPhoto: Higgins, Jacob E.Photo: Higgins, MyrtlePhoto: Higgins, ClaricePhoto: Higgins, DrexelPhoto: Higgins, DarlenePhoto: Taylor, Jesse HudsonPhoto: Taylor, Claudia G. and Clara P.Photo: Higgins, StephenPhoto: Higgins, Ruth CurtisPhoto: Higgins, Boyd LeePhoto: Haught, Joshua B. and Naomi J.Photo: Haught, Joshua BenjaminPhoto: Haught, NaomiPhoto: Haught, Joshua B. and Madaline H.Photo: Haught, Joshua B.Photo: Haught, Madaline H.Photo: Haught, JosephinePhoto: Haught, Nancy E.Photo: Haught, Fern