9 Photos - Jul 23, 2012
Photo: Our 2012 smart fortwo in our "summer" front yard.Photo: We got a good discount on this. $3000 off, because the 2013 models are in. You rarely see a smart with a discount. So we jumped on it.Photo: Nice car, and we are loving it. It cruises comfortably at 70-75 on the interstate, and handles like a go-cart. Of course, I'm used to sports cars, having had British ones a lot of my life.Photo: We like the silver. At one time we were considering painting the smart to match the trailer light brown you see in the background....not so sure now.Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Heated seats, paddle shifters (or automatic), LED daytime running lights,Tach on the dash.....nice car to drive. 42 mpg on first tank.Photo: More than enough leg room for me - and I am 6' 2".