41 Photos - Dec 2, 2011
Photo: Heading straight for the Christmas decorPhoto: Loved the big signage "Christmas Shop", we knew just where to go.Photo: All of the decorated trees was my favorite partPhoto: Photo: Photo: My kids were amazed by the huge yard decorationsPhoto: Photo: My youngest was promising to be just as destructive there as she is at homePhoto: I loved the Ty Pennington Christmas decor! Such pretty colors.Photo: Photo: These mercury glass acorn ornaments were my favoritePhoto: And I loved the vintage looking glass owlsPhoto: no one can resist sparkly snowflakes!Photo: and if you're into a more traditional theme...Photo: Photo: Some of the cute Country Living decorationsPhoto: Photo: Photo: One in every color, please!Photo: Loved having a collection of ornaments already packaged and ready to goPhoto: Photo: Photo: They even sold them in smaller packagesPhoto: I would love to have the turquoise glitter ornaments hanging from our treePhoto: Lights for the tree or outsidePhoto: Cool LED lightsPhoto: such pretty and delicate looking ornamentsPhoto: Photo: You can't go wrong with glitter!Photo: Lucky for us, everything was on sale!Photo: They even carry pretty wreaths for your doorPhoto: my husband was really focused on finding a good package of ornamentsPhoto: Photo: can't leave without the ribbonPhoto: When we got home my kids wanted to dig right into the pie a friend had made usPhoto: I ran to the garage and brought out the rest of the Christmas decorationsPhoto: we put the tree in the stand and wrapped it in lightsPhoto: We let the kids put on all the ornaments this yearPhoto: My husband helped put the star onPhoto: With the light off and the tree lit it was starting to look like ChristmasPhoto: And all that fun wore my little girl out. We ended the decorating with a lot of tears