61 Photos - Oct 26, 2012
Photo: ....When we finally arrived to Madrid, exploring our new neighborhood, fixing up our apartment - all in 24-hour day's work.Photo: The time we first saw the funny metro signs: you must hug the door, you must rub your bum on the train, and you must NOT ever do thumbs up. We still laugh about that today!Photo: The time when TtMadrid September 2011 went out for the first time all together!Photo: Always sunny.Photo: Dei introduces us to Cien Montaditos.Photo: David, remember the time when we had no table? And we ate off a shelf on the bed?Photo: Hanging laundry out to dry...Photo: The time we had the metro all to ourselves.Photo: Every day with this guy...Photo: The time when Deirdre massaged the turkey breasts with butter for Thanksgiving...and I watched and documented like a weirdo.Photo: Oh hey, Santiago. Popping up from the metro for work. No pasa nada.Photo: The time when we tried these desserts at El Botin. Favorite was definitely the tarta de San Marcos (far left).Photo: Being blessed with the free time to do this at El Parque del Retiro...Photo: The time when I had an obsession with these waffles. (I'm in a better place now.)Photo: Turning the corner onto our street and seeing this.Photo: Cupcakes from Happy Days.Photo: The time when Suz & Greego surprised me on my birthday.Photo: The mom of mom, Suzy, at Picnic, a neighborhood fave.Photo: The time when Sarah made me my personal mini trifle and I fell into a food coma shortly after.Photo: Crafting for Valentine's DayPhoto: Valentine's desayuno with my love.Photo: Valentine's dinner with my love.Photo: Valentine's dessert with my love.Photo: Buying my produce looking like this - no plastic wrap, no baggies. I love it.Photo: The time we had a picnic for my birthday on a gorgeous day with friends and food.Photo: Having this shop around the corner. Empanada de ternera con pasas.Photo: One big table with friends and Indian food in Lavapies. The usual.Photo: The time when Rachel and I crafted up a big mess. And then the water got shut off....Photo: Many Spanish fiestas and holidays have their own special treat... This is torrija for semana santa (Easter/Holy Week).Photo: Discovering the spin pot......Video: That time we watched flamenco and were blown away.Photo: That time I ordered a chili cheese dog and ended up with this. Also the same time I decided to never order chili cheese dog in Spain again.Photo: Discovering cafe bombon.... Coffee with condensed milk. Mine has a scoop of dulce de leche ice cream for good measure.Photo: Discovering how easy (and cheap) it was to make fried rice at home.....Photo: Barajas airport. Many a early mornings... Worth it!Photo: That time we invited our friends over for "David's belated birthday party" and surprised them with some big news. :) Packed into our tiny apartment, this celebration night is definitely one of my top 3.Photo: That one (out of two) time David ever went shopping for clothes. #overduePhoto: The time when I came home to the most thoughtful anniversary surprises.Photo: Pot lucks at Deirdre & Alba's..................Photo: Keeping in touch with our friends, families and the latest silly Internet thingies. Here, we're Skyping with my cousins who were so kind to share the Cinnamon Challenge with us.Photo: Sunsets and picnics at Templo de Debod...Photo: Sushi night at J&J's housePhoto: The times when our fridge was so happy.Photo: Casa de Campo. Who's house IS this?!Photo: The time when we surprised Greego with a going-away pool party! Great job, Suz.Photo: That time Sadaatjoo introduced us to some amazing meatloaf! Her recipe here: http://lifewithafork.com/2012/06/18/recipe-meatloaf/Photo: That time we had a 10-hour going away last hoorah for Greego. ;(Photo: Juliana graduates with her masters! Spanish graduations are 10 times better than American ones. We left with UEM umbrellas, fans and a full stomach. AND they don't last 17 hours.Photo: Pride Parade. And the pub crawl that followed....Photo: The largest botellon we've EVER seen. Pride weekend.Photo: That time when Spain won the EURO CUP! And we all stormed Cibeles!Photo: That time when our apartment was immaculate (so we could take photos of it and sublet it. :))Photo: Rachel. And all her silliness. (I have about a dozen more photos like these hidden on all of my gadgets...)Photo: The Sorolla museum. I love that place.Photo: My good veggie place, aka Good Veg Place.Photo: THIS. My perfect Spanish breakfast from the best bread place (aka Good Bread Place): cafe con leche and tostada con tomate. Drizzle EVOO and sprinkle salt. Joy.Photo: That time J&J treated us to champagne at Cibeles after we took fun engagement photos. :)Photo: That time Juliana and I went dress shopping in Salamanca! (Relax, people, this is not the one.)Photo: Tt September '11 cheers-ing to 1 year.Photo: Napolitanas de chocolate from Mallorquina, a delicious bakery in Sol.Photo: My Spanish family after a goodbye dinner at their house (homemade tortilla, salmorejo, ham, cheese, chorizo...) I taught all 4 sisters and their daddy. They have been so sweet and kind to David and me. <3