164 Photos - Jul 12, 2012
Photo: The stars and stripes welcome you!Photo: Frankfurt, from where I left.Photo: A letter from Felix!Photo: My ticket at the U.S. embassy in Frankfurt.Photo: Arrival at the Ronald Reagen Airport.Photo: Anta obviously is not impressed.Photo: Our group: Poulette.Photo: The Capitol from far.Photo: Visitor Center of the Capitol of the United Staates.Photo: Helen Keller representing Alabama.Photo: Abraham Lincoln in the Statuary Collection.Photo: Fresco with the beginning of the Civil War.Photo: Ascension of Geroge Washington.Photo: Statuary Collection in the Capitol.Photo: The old Supreme Court of the U.S.Photo: Washington Monument.Photo: Bureau of Engraving and Printing.Photo: Jefferson Memorial from the far.Photo: Jefferson MemorialPhoto: Turtoise in the middle of Washington.Photo: Entrance of the Franklin D. Roosevelt Memorial.Photo: Korean War Memorial.Photo: Lincoln Memorial.Photo: Statue of Abraham Lincoln.Photo: The Place were Martin Luther King had his "I have a dream" speech.Photo: View along National Mall.Photo: World War II Memorial.Photo: The Price of Freedem.Photo: Susann, on the left and Manuel on the right.Photo: A replica of the LEM - Luna Excursion Module.Photo: My own module of the ISS.Photo: I am Mission Control!Photo: Smithsonian American Art MuseumPhoto: Francois texting.Photo: The Sun - a marble exhibition.Photo: Manhattan - contemporary art.Photo: Painted Mosaik.Photo: Mousetrap Exhibition.Photo: Bill Clinton Painting.Photo: Exhibition on The Art Of Video Games.Photo: We, the people of the United States..Photo: On the Newseum's rooftop with the Congress in the back.Photo: Man versus Capitalism.Photo: Smithsonian Museum or Art.Photo: Antenna from the top of the World Trade Center.Photo: Headlines of all the important newspaper on 9/12.Photo: Freedom of Speach visualized.Photo: War in Yugoslavia.Photo: Wall of dead Jurnalist that were killed on duty.Photo: Real fragments of the Berlin Wall.Photo: Alexandre with our rental car.Photo: View on Baltimore and the harbour.Photo: Remaining Steelframe of the World Trade Center.Photo: Baltimore's harbour.Photo: Inner harbour of Baltimore.Photo: View down the other side of the harbour.Photo: City Council of Baltimore.Photo: City Bell of Baltimore.Photo: Falt Iron in less flat.Photo: Francois is sleeping - again.Photo: Suburb of Baltimore.Photo: Coffee Mugs matching your political attitude.Photo: First thing we saw at the beach.Photo: What'cha doin' there?Photo: Laying in the warm sand after a round of swimming.Photo: Washington Nationals Ballpark.Photo: Washington Nationals Ballpark.Photo: Washington Nationals Ballpark.Photo: Pitcher of the Milwalkee Brewers.Photo: Waiting for Friday.Photo: Is something about to happen? Rather not.Photo: Everything has to be nice and clean - at least for the players.Photo: Washington Nationals Pitcher at work.Photo: Sideview of Ms. Liberty.Photo: Front View of Ms. LibertyPhoto: View on Manhattan from the Staten Island Ferry.Photo: Our ticket to the 9/11 Memorial.Photo: Growing Freedom Tower.Photo: Old World Trade Center reflected by the new.Photo: Reflection Pool of the South Tower.Photo: View on Manhattan over the Island of silence.Photo: Freedom emerges.Photo: Rainbow in the South Tower Reflection Pool.Photo: When I was there two years ago, not a single story was built.Photo: Area around the former Twin Towers.Photo: Reflection Pool - once more.Photo: View along the rim.Photo: Pipes under the roof of the NYSE.Photo: Barclays Capital Trading Division.Photo: Goldman Sachs Market Making.Photo: View in the direction of Queens.Photo: View back to Manhattan.Photo: Me gusta, tambien!Photo: State Street, one of world's largest Asset Managers.Photo: Alban and Fraçois on the way to South Station.Photo: Inside the Museum of Fine Art.Photo: German painting by Max Beckmann.Photo: Speedcamera Art.Photo: Another famous painting from the MFA.Photo: Somebody got run over outside the museum.Photo: Little park in the middle of Boston.Photo: View along the pont.Photo: One of the ducks was too shy for this shot.Photo: The very beginning of the Harvard district.Photo: Indian summer along the waterfront.Photo: Another shot, trying to capture the Indian Summer.Photo: Another picture in the back light.Photo: Red trees everywhere!Photo: View from Harvard back to Boston.Photo: A little regatta in front of the Boston skyline.Photo: Indian Summer and Regatta in one frame.Photo: Massachusetts Institute of Technology.Photo: Founding father of Harvard.Photo: The famous Harvard chappell.Photo: Harvard Street in Harvard.Photo: Sunset as seen from Mt. Vernon Street.Photo: It looks a little like Amsterdam in this shot.Photo: Once more, indian Summer in the George Washington Park.Photo: Photo: One of the many burrying grounds that are in the city center.Photo: Peaceful cemetry in the heart of Boston.Photo: Another picture of the burrying ground.Photo: Stars and Stripes above the entrance of the Old City Hall which now is home to a Steak House.Photo: Photo: Photo: A wooden solider guarding a local food store along the Freedom Trail.Photo: Downtown of Boston, close to Haymarket.Photo: Dog tags with the names of fallen soliders from Boston.Photo: Another burrying ground along the Freedom trail.Photo: Indian Summer slowly overcomes all the trees.Photo: Better be safe than sorry!Photo: I bet most of you have never seen a naval destroyer like that!Photo: This house somehow reminds me of the Five Sisters in San Francisco.Photo: Police badge collection in Regina - where I had one of the best pizzas of all time!Photo: North Quincy Bay.Photo: Old Harboer Park along the cost.Photo: Wedding chappell on the seaside.Photo: View from Quincy over the beach to Downtown Boston.Photo: Old Victorian houses on the other side of the beach.Photo: View from Old Harbor Park to Boston.Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: