36 Photos - Feb 1, 2012
Photo: My little guy Tyler came with me to Walmart to purchase some International Delight Iced coffee for an upcoming party with my girlfriendsPhoto: We had already gone to two different Walmarts looking for the coffee and we were keeping our fingers crossed they had it at this locationPhoto: This was the first time that there was not a sea of people coming into the WalmartPhoto: Tyler was pretty excited about coming. He loves shopping with mePhoto: I was surprised to see that the Walmart is under construction. I wonder what exciting things they are going to be adding to it?Photo: We headed to the grocery isle to see what we could findPhoto: There was an employee there stocking the shelves, so I asked her where the iced coffee was?Photo: This must be a popular place for shopping, because the shelf was not fullPhoto: I quickly found the International Delight creamer right away. It looks yummy and will have to try it soon.Photo: I then looked near the juices, but it was not there.Photo: Then checked out the frozen goods - not there eitherPhoto: So I went to the coffee isle. Not there either - but the isle smelled so good!Photo: Tyler loves helping me shop - he is so cute!Photo: Then I circled around back to the cooler and looked around near the milkPhoto: And I picked-up some fresh fruit tooPhoto: Then a light came down from above and I found the iced coffee I so badly wanted to serve at my partyPhoto: The Vanilla sounds amazing!! I can't wait to try it!Photo: Even Tyler was pretty excited about it too!Photo: There were three flavors available - Mocha, Original and VanillaPhoto: It looks like an easy thing to servePhoto: I first tested it when I got home and loved it!! I love coffee and it was light and freshPhoto: Perfect for a Sping day with my girlfriendsPhoto: The calories were not too bad, but I will have to limit myself to one a day to keep in my healthy range of caloric intakePhoto: I was compensated for this post as part of a social shopper insights study for Collective Bias. All my photos, thoughts and opinions are of my own.Photo: Sarasota I love youPhoto: Party1Photo: Party1Photo: party2Photo: party2Photo: party3Photo: party4Photo: party4Photo: Party6Photo: party7Photo: coffee mugsPhoto: coffee mugs