34 Photos - Apr 18, 2014
Photo: We drove to Sudbury on Friday, April 4th and took the Budd car to Sheahan on Saturday. We left Sudbury almost on time and as we left the outskirts of Sudbury we noticed the familiar smoke stack at Copper Cliff.Photo: There had been a snow storm the day before - although we left TO in rain and fog - and we were back in winter, even if it was the first week of April.Photo: Bannerman Creek is still frozenPhoto: We passed by BennyPhoto: Marc Pelletier met at the train and takes our stuff, Mandy and I to camp.Photo: Photo: Photo: I didn't take my snowmobile out - it was too risky to deal with the consequences of getting stuck - so I drilled a hole with Robin's auger and phauled the water tanks back to camp.,Photo: It was so sunny Mandy wanted to have our evening drink on the front porch, even though it was a bit chilly.Photo: From our deck, a look to the south ...Photo: to the north ...Photo: and to the south-east, but the best views are still ...Photo: from the west. We certainly lucked out with the weather. For the five days we were in camp every day was sunny, or at least 80% sunny, and we had beautiful sunsets, just like at Thanksgiving, but with no boats to create the beautiful coloured stripes. (see A Beautiful Thanksgiving Week)Photo: Photo: The next day we snowshoed around the peninsula to create a trail but it really wasn't necessary as the snow was well packed from the wind or snowmobiles.Photo: We also hiked up to Minnow Lake before heading south down the Big Narrows.Photo: South shore of Minnow LakePhoto: The following day Marc and Steve drove to Kennedy on their snowmobiles so we took advantage of their trail and skied to the Kennedy portage.Photo: Rather than ski, we walked over the trail ...Photo: where we noticed their tracks - in the slush - on Kennedy.Photo: Heading back ( north) near McLeod's CreekPhoto: We tried out our new stove and found it was much warmer than our cook stove and we didn;t need any other source of heat.Photo: With the warm temperatures, bright sun and inside heat, the snow began to slide off the roof on the lake side ...Photo: and the eastern sidePhoto: Despite the lack of internal heat, the two sides of the shed roof lost their snow before the main camp.Photo: Photo: We set out to snowshoe to Telephone Lake but the snow was too soft and we were soon in the slush. We tried to find an alternative route but we had to return because we were getting soaked. These water-filled tracks were from Steve and Marc's trail two days before.Photo: Even with snowshoes the crust was too soft to hold us above the water layer on the ice.Photo: A view to the south of Lost ChannelPhoto: A look at the pink elephant and its new growth of green lichen.Photo: Both snowmobile entrances greet visitors with a friendly reminder to smile.Photo: Since I couldn't snow shoe on the lake I headed up the trail behind our camp.Photo: Another fine onePhoto: and a warm fire to end the day.