23 Photos - Nov 11, 2007
Photo: Performing with the bandPhoto: Entertaining the crowdPhoto: First week at Maduro Lounge -Sep 05Photo: With Madonna's Musicians when promoting the singer's brand new albun in Japan (Madona was also in the audience, but couldn't be photographed)Photo: With actors and production crew of the TV series:    "Without a Trace"Photo: Regulars at the Maduro Lounge, celebrating New Year's EvePhoto: Madona's musicians and production crewPhoto: The guys in the BandPhoto: The Band at New Year's Eve 2005-2006Photo: New Year's Eve performancePhoto: The nice crew at Maduro LoungePhoto: In the Christmas SpiritPhoto: Lilian & Accoustic Base Player TomPhoto: Lilian & Shingu (drummer)Photo: Local friends - regulars at the Maduro Lounge
(multiple ethnicity crowd)Photo: Visiting a Japanese TemplePhoto: Around townPhoto: Around townPhoto: Trying to translate the menuPhoto: In the park with my friend EdnaPhoto: One of the several nice parks in Japan (in a cold October day)Photo: Cultural Tour to Kyoto - JapanPhoto: Edna's visit (from Miami to Japan)