32 Photos - Jul 25, 2012
Photo: Made to last 100 years only?Photo: I liked her gatePhoto: One of my b-day presentsPhoto: I'm not 78 yet, are you kidding?Photo: I just got to be 76Photo: The tower's model in the lobbyPhoto: cuing up at the entrancePhoto: taking picsPhoto: Glass all around on the platformPhoto: Platform on the 124th floorPhoto: just another imagePhoto: too much sand blocking the sightPhoto: Bridge to Souk Al BaharPhoto: Left Dubai Mall, center Address HotelPhoto: aspect of the underwater fountain
fantana subaquaticaPhoto: downtown DubaiPhoto: various building stylesPhoto: highrises in the southPhoto: highwaysPhoto: round the lakePhoto: dinner on my b-dayPhoto: b-day smilesPhoto: that's my b-day cake made by EricPhoto: living room decoration on my b-dayPhoto: lots of effort to put out one candlePhoto: Happy smiles on my b-dayPhoto: Bohdana in expectationPhoto: a satisfied smilePhoto: nu-i nouPhoto: At the Ossiano restaurant in AtlantisPhoto: My second b-day cakePhoto: The Giant