23 Photos - Jan 4, 2012
Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: POZ is an award-winning print and online brand for people living with and affected by HIV/AIDS. Offering unparalleled editorial excellence since 1994, POZ and poz.com are identified by our readers as their most trusted sources of information about the disease.Photo: POZ Mag’s #195 April/May Issue is Out Now! Spotlighting the state of sex ed and calculating your true HIV risk (by the act). Plus, the military HIV milestone, touching strangers, international antigay laws and, of course, condomless sex.  http://ow.ly/vi9A8Photo: POZ Magazine's March 2014 Issue Is Out Online Today! Featuring the women of Common Threads, plus, the ongoing search for a better condom. Click the link to read up on the latest news in the HIV/AIDS community online today: http://ow.ly/tKXQ6Photo: POZ founder Sean Strub tells all in our Jan/Feb issue.Photo: This year's POZ 100 is made up of 100 HIV-positive unsung heroes from around the country who are committed to ending the epidemic. Click here to read the December Issue: http://ow.ly/qW2fGPhoto: Photo: Photo: The July/August issue of POZ magazine is out online today! http://ow.ly/mykA9Photo: The June 2013 Issue of POZ is now online!Photo: Our April/May coverPhoto: March 2013 POZ - http://www.poz.com/archive/2013_Mar_2761.shtmlPhoto: The Jan/Feb 2013 issue highlights HIV-positive couples and the myths of black MSM. http://www.poz.com/archive/2013_Jan_2757.shtmlPhoto: December 2012 POZ - http://www.poz.com/archive/2012_Dec_2746.shtmlPhoto: Oct/Nov 2012 POZ
http://www.poz.com/archive/2012_Oct_2741.shtmlPhoto: POZ September 2012 - http://www.poz.com/archive/2012_Sep_2731.shtmlPhoto: POZ July/August 2012 - http://www.poz.com/archive/2012_Jul_2726.shtmlPhoto: June POZ 2012 - http://www.poz.com/archive/2012_Jun_2711.shtmlPhoto: The Jan/Feb 2012 issue features Congresswoman Barbara Lee and HIV among young black men who have sex with men. http://www.poz.com/archive/2012_Jan_2682.shtmlPhoto: December 2011 POZ
http://www.poz.com/archive/2011_Dec_2671.shtmlPhoto: POZ