35 Photos - Mar 3, 2013
Photo: Otavalo animal market meets on the sides of a highway outside of townPhoto: Puppies and kittens as well as farm animals find new homes herePhoto: Photo: Probably a fighting roosterPhoto: OtavaleƱo woman in traditional dressPhoto: Photo: Chicken looks on as kitty examines possible new human keeperPhoto: Photo: Traditional hair dressPhoto: Photo: Photo: Photo: Cuy (guinea pigs)Photo: Photo: Photo: Turkey looks concernedPhoto: ChicksPhoto: Young chicks, 25 centsPhoto: Photo: Sheila bargaining for a scarfPhoto: GoatsPhoto: Photo: CalvesPhoto: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Is this the one?Photo: It was getting warmPhoto: Photo: Chinese motorbike.  Owner said performance is "so-so"Photo: Marty's breakfast: fried mashed potatoes, roast pigPhoto: Sheila, Andy in breakfast tentPhoto: Dog pays close attention but Sheila's vegetarian breakfast disappoints