18 Photos - Mar 3, 2013
Photo: Central square, Peguche.  Artesania Gran Condor in background.Photo: At Artesania el Gran Condor, PeguchePhoto: In Artesania Gran Condor, textile artist demonstrates the steps in making traditional wool weavingsPhoto: Cleaned wool ready for spinning into threadPhoto: Starting the threadPhoto: Left hand shapes the thread, right hand twists the spindlePhoto: Seeds used to make the saffron-yellow dyePhoto: A tree nut used to make the brown dyePhoto: Herbs used to make shades of green dyePhoto: A bug that lives on cactus is used to make red dyePhoto: When crushed, the bug makes the dark red dyePhoto: Adding lemon makes orangePhoto: Baking soda added makes dark purple dyePhoto: She demonstrates the foot powered loomPhoto: Foot powered loom makes complex repeating patternsPhoto: She demonstrates the back loomPhoto: Textile artist in another workshop nearby works at foot-powered loomPhoto: Corn drying outside textile workshop