24 Photos - Mar 2, 2013
Photo: Salad at the Posada del Angel hotelPhoto: Tomato soup at the Posada del Angel hotelPhoto: First floor of the Posada del Angel hotelPhoto: Removing graffitiPhoto: The National Bank museum in CuencaPhoto: Strong warning labels on cigarette packsPhoto: "Smoking causes a slow and painful death." "Smoking destroys your teeth and your mouth."Photo: Cuenca, University in foregroundPhoto: Panorama of Cuenca from viewpoint above riverPhoto: Rainbow over Tomebamba River, CuencaPhoto: Sunset, CuencaPhoto: Needs no translationPhoto: Sheila by the bridge to nowhere, CuencaPhoto: Marty by the bridge to nowherePhoto: Dinner at Rumipamba: Plato típicoPhoto: Police concert, CuencaPhoto: Courtyard of Casa del Aguila hotel, our last day in CuencaPhoto: Casa del Aguila:  no magnetic card locks here.  Rooms lock with padlocksPhoto: Fountain in courtyard of Casa del Aguila, CuencaPhoto: Sheila in showroom of ceramic artist Eduardo Vega, in CuencaPhoto: Marty in entry of Eduardo Vega studio, CuencaPhoto: Roast pigs ready for the lunch crowd, CuencaPhoto: Roasting cuy for the lunch crowd, CuencaPhoto: Chicken soup, Cuenca airport - very good!