36 Photos - Mar 2, 2013
Photo: Stairway in old CuencaPhoto: Old Cathedral Museum, main hallPhoto: Model of church, in "Old Cathedral" Museum, CuencaPhoto: Journal of 1790 in the Old Cathedral museumPhoto: Courtyard of the Old Cathedral museumPhoto: Roof, Old Cathedral courtyardPhoto: Stonework, Old Cathedral MuseumPhoto: In Parque Calderón, CuencaPhoto: The tour busPhoto: Aboard the tour bus, CuencaPhoto: The "New Cathedral," CuencaPhoto: In old CuencaPhoto: "New" Cathedral from behindPhoto: Old Cuenca streetPhoto: The hotel where we stayed in CuencaPhoto: View of the contemporary art museum, CuencaPhoto: Modern stonework along river, CuencaPhoto: Old Cuenca street'Photo: Street vendor, one of manyPhoto: Hotel Siberia (!)Photo: Yet another Cuenca churchPhoto: Puente Roto - the bridge to nowherePhoto: Old Cuenca Calle LargoPhoto: Archaelogical site, CuencaPhoto: Old house by the river.  Several look as if they were falling apartPhoto: Polytechnic high school, CuencaPhoto: Another of Cuenca's four riversPhoto: View of CuencaPhoto: View of CuencaPhoto: Panorama of CuencaPhoto: Schoolboys on the Net, CuencaPhoto: Old Cuenca street scenePhoto: Street vendorPhoto: When the Cuenca streets get like this (almost all the time) it's faster to walkPhoto: Street repair with hammer and chisel, one paving stone at a tinePhoto: Marty on bus