23 Photos - Mar 2, 2013
Photo: On the road to SigsigPhoto: Scenery on the way to SigsigPhoto: Gate into Sigsig, the hat townPhoto: Entering SigsigPhoto: Women are weaving anywhere in town, sitting or walkingPhoto: The Women's Hat Cooperative (AssociaciĆ³n Toquillera), SigsigPhoto: Paja toquilla, the raw material, grows on the Ecuador coast and is brought here to be workedPhoto: A giant hat in the courtyardPhoto: With a cornfield for background, this woman weaves baskets for exportPhoto: All the weaving is done by handPhoto: Weaving the hat by handPhoto: Hats waiting to be finishedPhoto: Hats waiting for finishing touchesPhoto: Sewing the bands and labelsPhoto: Dyed straw dryingPhoto: Photo: Photo: The women also make baskets, boxes and similar itemsPhoto: Photo: Photo: A wall hanging with miniature hatsPhoto: The first step, the woman explains, is to twist the strawPhoto: