33 Photos - Mar 1, 2013
Photo: Landmark rock on the way to CañarPhoto: Whole roast pig, one of several offered for lunch at the roadsidePhoto: A small corner of the Cañar marketPhoto: Selling from the arm and shoulderPhoto: Selling scooped-out river rocks from the trunk of a carPhoto: Counting the dollarsPhoto: Cañar women bargainingPhoto: A vendor selling an antenna booster gadget draws a crowdPhoto: Young Cañari woman follows her MomPhoto: Shelling fava beans, or something similarPhoto: We couldn't identify these white and purple vegetables, but the carrots were big and tastyPhoto: Seventy-five cents for this bunch of carrotsPhoto: Little girl looks on from truck as Mom worksPhoto: Cañari women discussing skirts inside the marketPhoto: In the meat departmentPhoto: Whole pig head available for making head cheesePhoto: The seafood stall.  Farmed trout are widely available.Photo: A sample of the vegetarian wares on displayPhoto: She is from the coast, two hours away by truck, where the pineapples growPhoto: Tomatoes, yams, carrots, and ? and ? and ?Photo: Pots and pans were part of the market's offeringsPhoto: Cañari shopperPhoto: Money (US dollars) changing hands in Cañar marketPhoto: A deal is madePhoto: An edge of the marketPhoto: Ropes, mostly of synthetic materials, dominated this market boothPhoto: Shoe shine stands'Photo: Old couple, man in wheelchair, at top of stepsPhoto: Waiting on the market stepsPhoto: Spices by the handfulPhoto: Another edge of the marketPhoto: Vendor (in baseball cap) with Cañari customersPhoto: Colorful Cañari dress