25 Photos - Feb 19, 2013
Photo: At Termas Papallacta it was foggy and rainy in the morningPhoto: The Termas Papallacta pools were exquisitely laid out, and hotPhoto: Papallacta pools have beautiful stone work and plant arrangementsPhoto: A hummer above the hot poolPhoto: Papallacta, detailPhoto: Sheila at breakfast, Papallacta restaurantPhoto: Photo: At Termas PapallactaPhoto: The Papallacta streamPhoto: Pools at Termas Papallacta showed regular maintenancePhoto: An organic orchard just above Termas Papallacta, supplying the restaurantPhoto: A marked and maintained trail goes uphill from Termas PapallactaPhoto: Dead tree colonized by bromeliads along the trailPhoto: Looking down on Termas Papallacta from the trailPhoto: Cattle graze on hillside along trail above Termas PapallactaPhoto: A fruit and a flower along the trailPhoto: A purple cabbage in the organic farmPhoto: Chicken soup for lunch, Termas Papallacta restaurantPhoto: Chef's salad for lunch, Termas Papallacta restaurantPhoto: The hotel at Termas PapallactaPhoto: Waiting at the intersection for a passing bus to QuitoPhoto: Quito, Grand Plaza, eveningPhoto: View of Quito from roof of Vista Hermosa RestaurantPhoto: Sheila on roof of Vista Hermosa RestaurantPhoto: Presidential palace, Quito