85 Photos - Feb 19, 2013
Photo: The morning view out of our windowPhoto: The motorista and the guia load balsawood logs on the canoaPhoto: Balsawood logs loaded, we head upriverPhoto: Casa del Suizo seen from midriverPhoto: The Punto where the taxi dropped us off the first evening; with a busPhoto: The ferry across the Napo from PuntoPhoto: A "tiger tree" by the riversidePhoto: Vines hanging into the waterPhoto: Sheila Livingston, I presume?Photo: FoliagePhoto: Our guide, Juan Carlos, shows the tree that gives yellow dyePhoto: Balsawood trees grow faster than bambooPhoto: A mariposaPhoto: A "walking palmtree"Photo: Spines on the roots of the walking palmtree, used as a raspPhoto: New root of walking palm tree emerges on the sunny sidePhoto: Demonstrating the white pigment; it is used in ceramicsPhoto: LeafPhoto: "False banana."  Looks like a banana plant but only makes these flowersPhoto: Ironwood tree; used for spears, machetes, bows, blowgunsPhoto: "Anaconda" vine, can grow to 200 meters longPhoto: leavesPhoto: Fallen leafPhoto: LeavesPhoto: Photo: Sheila is pinned into the cable car seatPhoto: Success!Photo: This mysterious hanging "fruit" is an ant's nestPhoto: Hanging ant's nest, closer viewPhoto: The ants that made this giant nest are tinyPhoto: BerriesPhoto: Unidentified plantPhoto: LeavesPhoto: Photo: Photo: Photo: Fungus, said to be edible (but we didn't try it)Photo: Mud!Photo: A rubber treePhoto: Photo: On the hanging bridgePhoto: LeavesPhoto: Another bridgePhoto: FoliagePhoto: A leafPhoto: The walking sticks are helpful on the slippery trailPhoto: Photo: A tree seed in its protective shellPhoto: A larger balsa treePhoto: A leafPhoto: A leafPhoto: A leafPhoto: Tiny frog, hand heldPhoto: Berries or flowersPhoto: This plant has a lemony smellPhoto: The pathPhoto: Leaf-cutting ants were herePhoto: A leafPhoto: A leaf ...Photo: LeafPhoto: LeafPhoto: LeavesPhoto: LeafPhoto: Leaves of a fern where the branch is on topPhoto: Termite's nest above-groundPhoto: Termite nest (detail)Photo: Termites on guide's fingerPhoto: LeavesPhoto: LeafPhoto: LeavesPhoto: LeafPhoto: LeavesPhoto: View of the riverPhoto: After the hikePhoto: The balsa raft awaitsPhoto: You want us to ride on THAT?Photo: We begin to settle inPhoto: Guide Juan Carlos ready to push us offPhoto: We're underway on the Napo RiverPhoto: Entering the rapids, Juan Carlos steeringPhoto: Casa del Suizo, view of poolPhoto: Casa del Suizo, newer additionsPhoto: Looking East from Casa del SuizoPhoto: Photo: