31 Photos - Feb 17, 2013
Photo: Second day: rain and fogPhoto: Luna Runtun grounds near our roomPhoto: Photo: Photo: Photo: Morning fog, Luna RuntunPhoto: Reception and restaurant, Luna RuntunPhoto: Luna Runtun: The hot tub bubbling with volcanic gas (no odor)Photo: Luna Runtun: the cold pool with a viewPhoto: Luna Runtun art galleryPhoto: Looking down on Banos from Luna RuntunPhoto: The Banos cathedral from Luna RuntunPhoto: Luna Runtun, view of spaPhoto: Fountain at spaPhoto: Photo: Photo: Photo: Sheila having facialPhoto: Luna Runtun grounds in sunshinePhoto: Marty at Luna RuntunPhoto: Coed basketball, playground in BanosPhoto: A main street, BanosPhoto: Scene in the park, BanosPhoto: Crowd watching street performers, BanosPhoto: The street performers: three young womenPhoto: Sugarcane stands, north edge of BanosPhoto: Abandoned tower, BanosPhoto: Banos main square with cathedral, eveningPhoto: Tiny souvenir booths across from cathedralPhoto: Sheila shopping for souvenir T-shirtsPhoto: Kids watching street perfomers after dark