19 Photos - Feb 14, 2013
Photo: Ambato has lots of taxisPhoto: Staircase to the "Ecological Walk" by the Ambato RiverPhoto: The Paseo Ecologico in AmbatoPhoto: Sheila waving from bridge over Ambato RiverPhoto: Marty on bridge over Ambato RiverPhoto: A view of an Ambato hillsidePhoto: Some portraits in the Art Museum, AmbatoPhoto: Disassembling the cathedral decoration for the Festival of Fruits and FlowersPhoto: Hauling down the decoration panelsPhoto: On the outskirts of Ambato, buses left for Banos every ten minutes.  Fare for the hour long ride: $1.Photo: Inside the bus from Ambato to BanosPhoto: We saw many neatly tended small plots along the Ambato-Banos roadPhoto: At the bus terminal in BanosPhoto: First view of Luna Runtun hotel above Banos.  Cloud cover obscured peaks.Photo: Lovely room at Luna Runtun hotelPhoto: View from the room to the garden in front.Photo: The patio outside our room.Photo: Part of my pickings from the dinner buffet.  Outstandanding selections.  Desserts not shown (censored).Photo: Sheila relaxing in the room after dinner