68 Photos - Feb 12, 2013
Photo: In the bus to AmbatoPhoto: Sheila at a square in Quito, on a short mornng walkPhoto: Embankment near Cathedral, QuitoPhoto: Street in Quito, near CathedralPhoto: Quitumbe, Southern bus terminal in QuitoPhoto: Another view of Quitumbe bus terminal, QuitoPhoto: Quitumbe bus terminal, QuitoPhoto: A view of Avenue of the Volcanoes from bus windowPhoto: The clouds reveal only a hint of the heights beyondPhoto: In the busPhoto: View from bus windowPhoto: Along the roadsidePhoto: Vendors waiting, LatacungaPhoto: Seen from bus window, LatacungaPhoto: Gas prices, per gallon, in U.S. dollarsPhoto: Foam fight, AmbatoPhoto: Crowd around country comedians, AmbatoPhoto: The dog act, AmbatoPhoto: Comedian with dogPhoto: Sheila in square, AmbatoPhoto: Crowd in square, AmbatoPhoto: In crowd, AmbatoPhoto: In crowd, AmbatoPhoto: In crowd, AmbatoPhoto: The festival decoration in front of the CathedralPhoto: A close-up of the decorationPhoto: Decoration, close-upPhoto: Decoration, close upPhoto: Close upPhoto: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: In crowd, AmbatoPhoto: In crowd, AmbatoPhoto: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Foam fight, AmbatoPhoto: Photo: Some of the few tourists, AmbatoPhoto: Armed for self-defense in the foam fightPhoto: Art exhibit, AmbatoPhoto: Photo: Artist at work, AmbatoPhoto: Photo: Family, AmbatoPhoto: A family posing for their pic in AmbatoPhoto: Equatorian culture booth, AmbatoPhoto: Titles at the culture boothPhoto: Photo: AmbatoPhoto: Beginnings of a Correa rally, AmbatoPhoto: Sheila before Ambato exhibitPhoto: Supporting the local candidate of the Correa ticketPhoto: The hotel where we stayed in the center of AmbatoPhoto: Inside the Mercado Modelo marketPhoto: Sheila in front of sugarcane shopPhoto: Inside the market, from upstairsPhoto: Waiting for our chicken soup, AmbatoPhoto: Chicken soup, $1.50Photo: Part of the crowd on the way up to the parade, AmbatoPhoto: Ambato parade in the rain.  "Tourism is production."Photo: Smiling, waving despite the downpourPhoto: Marty returns from parade, partly soaked but happy