68 Photos - Jul 19, 2011
Photo: SkyPhoto: Island in the skyPhoto: Cloud with refractionPhoto: Water surfacePhoto: Reflected postPhoto: ReflectionPhoto: Stream bedPhoto: Dam spillwayPhoto: Endlessly changing water surfacePhoto: Low tidePhoto: Propeller washPhoto: Water surfacePhoto: Water at sunsetPhoto: Water surface at sunsetPhoto: Low tidePhoto: ReflectionsPhoto: Fragile barrier against the seaPhoto: KissPhoto: Edge of tide pool, Limantour Beach, Pt. ReyesPhoto: Sand, Monterey CAPhoto: Sand in dry creek bed on beach, Monterey CAPhoto: Sand, Limantour Spit, Pt. ReyesPhoto: Seaweed on sand, Carmel CAPhoto: Cracked drying lake bed, Pt. Reyes CAPhoto: Fence board, Pierce Pt. Ranch, Pt. Reyes CAPhoto: Fence board, Berkeley neighborhoodPhoto: Window, Pierce Pt Ranch, Pt. Reyes CAPhoto: On shore of Brickyard Spit, Berkeley MarinaPhoto: Northern beach, Pt. Pinole CAPhoto: Wall outside Franciscan cloister church ruins, BerlinPhoto: Fallen beauties, HonoluluPhoto: Fallen needles, Mt TamPhoto: Hummingbird feeder outside window reflected in water spill, broken eggshellPhoto: Pavement at sunsetPhoto: Taillights shot from bouncing carPhoto: Display of glasses in a Finnish design store downtown BerlinPhoto: Pipe, Cheesman Park, DenverPhoto: Pipe, DenverPhoto: Pipe, DenverPhoto: Rusted wheel assembly, Pt. Pinole pondPhoto: Rope barrier on BC ferry, blowing in windPhoto: Storm drain gratePhoto: Bird comment on red steel sculpture, Nashville TNPhoto: Homage to artist David IrelandPhoto: Electrical construction, Los AngelesPhoto: Electrical construction, Los AngelesPhoto: On a beachPhoto: Symphony Hall, Los Angeles (detail)Photo: MadronePhoto: WoodPhoto: Log returning to soilPhoto: Wood grainPhoto: Wood grainPhoto: Wood grainPhoto: LichenPhoto: Golf teePhoto: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Island in the skyPhoto: At Carmel River State BeachPhoto: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Ornamentation on a plow