60 Photos - Jul 18, 2011
Photo: Nicasio Reservoir, dawnPhoto: Bridge, base of Tomales BayPhoto: Fog, Estero TrailPhoto: Looking West over the Pacific from Mt. VisionPhoto: Along the Coast TrailPhoto: Farallon Islands seen from Limantour Road on an exceptionally clear day -- M.A. NicolausPhoto: White-crowned sparrow, Limantour BeachPhoto: Limantour BeachPhoto: Sunset, Limantour BeachPhoto: Limantour BeachPhoto: Limantour Beach near the west end of Limantour SpitPhoto: White Pelicans, West end of Limantour Spit, Pt. Reyes, CAPhoto: McClure's BeachPhoto: Approaching Kehoe BeachPhoto: Marshall BeachPhoto: Bear Valley TrailPhoto: Along Bear Valley Trail, Pt. Reyes National SeashorePhoto: Along Bear Valley TrailPhoto: Arch Rock, Pt. Reyes National SeashorePhoto: View from beach at Arch Rock, Pt. Reyes National SeashorePhoto: Goose near bridge to Limantour BeachPhoto: Limantour BeachPhoto: Nicasio scenePhoto: Palomarin Trail, Pt. ReyesPhoto: Crystal Lake, Pt. ReyesPhoto: Crystal LakePhoto: Pelican Lake, from the trailPhoto: Upper Alamere Falls, Pt ReyesPhoto: Limantour Beach, Pt. ReyesPhoto: Sunset in the fog, Pt ReyesPhoto: Ugly new bridge to Limantour BeachPhoto: Dune trail, behind Limantour BeachPhoto: TracksPhoto: Limantour BeachPhoto: Phallic rockPhoto: Inside hay barn, Pierce Point Ranch, Tomales Point, Pt. ReyesPhoto: Tomales Bay from Pierce Pt Ranch, Pt ReyesPhoto: South end of McClure's Beach, Pt. ReyesPhoto: McClure's Beach, Pt. ReyesPhoto: Tule Elk, Tomales Point, Pt. ReyesPhoto: Tule Elk bull, Tomales Pt., Pt. ReyesPhoto: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Abbot's Lagoon, Pt. Reyes National SeashorePhoto: Path to Abbot's Lagoon, Pt Reyes National SeashorePhoto: Overlooking South Branch of Abbott's LagoonPhoto: Overlooking South branch of Abbott's LagoonPhoto: Part of Abbott's Lagoon, looking out toward oceanPhoto: Cliffs on Abbott's lagoonPhoto: Ocean at Abbott's LagoonPhoto: Path in Abbott's Lagoon, with afternoon fogPhoto: