24 Photos - Aug 28, 2010
Photo: Stairway to the High Line at 21st StreetPhoto: Photo: Looking north at the unfinished portion of the High Line, at 21st StreetPhoto: High Line looking south from 21st StreetPhoto: When finished, the High line will extend to 34th StreetPhoto: Looking NortheastPhoto: Seen from the High LinePhoto: Seen on 19th StreetPhoto: An artwork that creates an optical illusionPhoto: The artwork and its viewing boxPhoto: A terrace on the High Line overlooking 10th AvenuePhoto: The City of New York maintains the High Line ParkPhoto: Looking East onto 17th StreetPhoto: 17th Street detailPhoto: Looking East on 16th StreetPhoto: Catching rays on the High LinePhoto: This condo on 15th Street bridges over the High LinePhoto: Plantings on the Southern end of the High Line are growing tallPhoto: Looking north from about 15th StreetPhoto: Hudson River view from the High LinePhoto: Birches in the southernmost block of the High LinePhoto: Martial arts exercise on the street belowPhoto: Photo: The southern end of the High Line at Gansevoort Street